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Car:                    Citreon DS3 Petrol (Automatic)
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Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: Passed my test fist time with Vinnie as my instructor. Vinnie made me feel at ease and comfortable in the car, and really took the time to ensure I fully understood everything that was needed. Would highly recommend.
Name:: Justinah
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: I had just four lessons with the amazing Vinnie after I failed my first driving test. On the 3/07/17 I passed my practical with just 6 faults. This instructor was the most calm person during lessons and he took his time to teach but not criticise. Thank you very much for all the support you provided.....
Name:: Jason
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: Honestly an amazing instructor. Patient and honest. Can recommend vinnie to anyone who wants to pass their test with confidence.


Name:: Dominika Jaronowska
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: Couldn't be happier when I passed my test last week and it was the best choice to drive with Vinnie! He is such a friendly and patient instructor. After lessons with him I got a lot more confident with driving. As I was usually nervous he always calmed me down and explain everything perfectly so driving became easy! He gives the best advise on lessons and before the test. If you looking for automatic lessons you won't find a better instructor. Highly recommend to anyone! Thank you so much Vinnie for all the help!

I passed my test 1st time on Friday 26th may thanks to Vinnie. I had 20 lessons with him. He is an excellent instructor and I would seriously recommended him to anyone. He taught me so much so quick. He has excellent techniques in teaching you things. I can't thank this man enough for getting me to test standard. With every lesson I had Vinnie was always on time, never let's you down. He is extremly patient, he is extremly honest and will tell you what faults you need to work on, which is what i liked most, you dont want an instructor who gives you no feed back or tells you a pack of lies. He will go out of his way to help you in anyway he can possible. We had some good laughs, which makes you feel comfortable and less nervous. I will actually miss vinnie. A great man and great instructor. If you want to learn to drive and past your test then vinnie is 100% the man you want as an instructor, but you need to put that hard work in aswell. Thank you vinnie so so much you made my dreams come true buddy!!


Instructor name:: Vinny
Your testimonial:: I just did my test with vinny and passed with only 3 minors. he's so lovely and helped me with my nerves so much, he believed in me more then I did  which helped alot.
He was realy flexible with his hours for me as I have a child and im at uni so im always busy and he was realy understanding when it came to me getting my lefts and rights  mixed up some times due to being dyslexic.
I would recommend him to anyone who wants to drive automatic such a lovely man and helps to calm you when needed :) thank you so much vinny xx


Name:: Sarah flynn
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: I took my test 12 january and passed 1st time I would like to say big thank you to vinnie  for i thought I would never do it I was so nearous   vinnie is a brilliant  instructor he explains everything very well and lots of patience  he made you feel at ease which made lessons more enjoyable I would recommend  Vinnie to anyone who is thinking of getting automatic lessons thanks again Vinnie

Name:: Julie
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: Just passed my practical driving test 1st time today with Vinnie an I couldn't thank him enough! Such a lovely man who helped me overcome my nerves & believing in me!! I couldn't of done it without him! Highly recommended
Thanks again Vinnie to a great start of the year

Name:: Paul Tritton
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: Cant say enough good things about Vinnie, due to increasing health issues i made the choice to get my driving licence to help with mobility issues i am facing and to just do an automatic one, i had some previous experience after a test lesson myself and Vinnie thought 25 hours should be more than enough to get me fully prepared to face the examiners, Vinnie is great guy really patient in face of a difficult mind which wants to do the opposite of what you want to tell it to do, we had a stressful last few lessons trying to fine tune those last few imperfections in my driving but as the rest of the lessons Vinnie just stayed calm and collected as we worked through them, test day Vinnie was great he went through all aspects of the test so nothing was a surprise and i passed first time with just a few minors on the sheet

Name:: Janette
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: If you are thinking of going for automatic, vinnie is the 1 you should choose . Hes a excellent instructor, very patient and calming if your not too confident.  I failed twice ( through my own fault ) and i was gonna quit .  but vinnie kept me on track . Brilliant fella and cant thank him enough.

Name:: Chloe
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: Just passed my test first time today with Vinnie!
After doing manual lessons for a while and still being nervous I decided to go automatic.
Vinnie was so lovely I only had around 16 lessons with him and learnt so quick.
He was so calm which is good if you are a nervous driver.
I wouldn't of passed if it wasn't for Vinnie

Name:: Tracey McHugh
Instructor name:: Vinnie Crewe
Your testimonial:: For anyone thinking about taking up driving lessons and wanting a good instructor, then look no further than Vinnie.
For years I have put off taking lessons due to a previous bad experience and instructor. My only regret now is that Vinnie was not my original instructor, as I would have passed years ago.
With his professional attitude and his way of making you feel at ease, learning to drive was actually enjoyable. I never thought that I would ever drive in my life. However down to the patience and good teaching off Vinnie I am pleased to say I am now a fully qualified driver who passed her test first time. I highly recommend Vinnie to anyone wishing to learn to drive and in fact one of my friends is going to be booking him to do her lessons with. All I can say is thank you Vinnie.

Name:: Elizabeth Bragg
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: Vinnie was a very good instructor. He was very friendly and always gave me good, constructive criticism on my lessons. He gave me ways I could improve aspects of my driving in an understandable way. He was also always very confident with me in the sense that I was able to pass my test – this gave me a lot more confidence and belief in myself. All in all I think Vinnie is a very good driving instructor and I would recommend him to anyone!

Name:: Will
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: I passed first time today and could not have done it without Vinnie. He was a pleasure to learn from, he is calm, efficient and his manner would be perfect for all looking to learn to drive. Vinnie was my third different instructor, and I cannot recommend him more highly. He was reliable and punctual and never let me down, which was exactly what I needed having had bad experiences previously. If you're looking for an instructor in the North Liverpool/Wirral area, Vinnie is the man for you.

Name:: Yvonne
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: I passed my test today with the most amazing man by my side,he's patient,understanding and has the best sense of humour ever,he probably needs rehab after teaching me but he will always be my friend now and I count that as another bonus to passing today and he has the biggest heart,so vinnie thank you from me to you buddy.

Name:: Amy
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: Can't thank Vinnie enough for all his help during the last 4 months & passing my driving test first time :) He had all the faith in me from the minute I got into the car.
Highly recommend Vinnie to anyone.

Name:: Amy
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: Can't thank Vinnie enough - he made me feel at ease and a confident driver within my first few lessons! I was lucky to get a cancellation date for my test, and within 3 months of lessons I passed first time! Couldn't have done this without Vinnie's expertise:) thank you!

Name:: Jodie
Your testimonial:: Pass my practical driving test today with Vinnie, couldn't of asked for a better instructor; he made everything really clear to me, helped me understand what I need to do, and made me feel really relaxed on lessons.
Highly recommended.

Name:: Tash
Your testimonial:: Vinnie is a fantastic instructor, I wouldn't have been able to do it without him, he has completely boosted my confidence and I can't thank him enough for that. I honestly couldn't recommend him more he is brilliant!

Name:: Sharna
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: Passed 1st time with Vinnie, so pleased! After having several instructors who have knocked my confidence, Vinnie was really patient and helped  me to believe that I could drive well. I'd recommend him to anyone, especially nervous drivers as he is so calm and relaxed and I actually enjoyed driving and having lessons- something that I dreaded in the past. Thanks so much Vinnie, I couldn't have done it without you!

Name:: Florence
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: Passed 1st time. I  don't normally write review or testimonies however I felt that vinney really deserves it. I was offered a job on the basis that I pass my driving test within 3 months, a friend of my recommended pass faster, I was a little nervous because I have had some pretty shitty instructors who made me feel like I was stupid for not understanding the basics of driving. I have a learning disability (dyslexia and dyspraxia) Which pretty much affects my ability to process information being spoken to me. Vinney understands my disability, he was calm and patient even when I was  panicking. Our lessons were so chilled out it didn't feel stressful and we always laughed, I would defiantly recommend Vinney because he is a great Instructor and gives effective information.  Job safe life goes on.

Angela Foster
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: I have just passed my test on the 1st attempt thanks to the commitment and patience shown by Vinnie!! He is an excellent tutor, he never once let me down with a lesson and his time keeping is second to none, he will never keep you waiting! He has a natural way of explaining roads and signals clearly that seem difficult to grasp at first, I would recommend Vinnie to anybody wanting to be successful in their driving.


Name:: Heather
Instructor name:: Vinny
Your testimonial:: I passed my test 1st time last week, all thanks to Vinny. He explains everything you need to know in a way that you as an individual will understand. I would definitely recommend Vinny to anyone who is looking to learn to drive automatic cars, thanks again Vinny!


Name:: Lyndsey Carroll
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: thankyou so much Vinnie for believing in me calming me down & your persraverance i would highly recommend anyone who wants to drive automatic to get in touch with you i honestly couldnt of done it without you thanks again


Name:: Dan
Instructor name:: Vinny
Your testimonial:: Just passed my test 1st time on Monday and wouldn't of been able to do it without Vinny. Everything that he'd taught me gave me the confidence in my driving ability to go out there and show the examiner what I can do.

Name:: Melissa Hunter
Instructor name:: Vinny
Your testimonial:: Vinny is an amazing Instructor. He explains everything so clearly and is a great laugh! I always looked forward to lessons but So happy to have now passed. Would recommend Vinny to everybody!!


Name:: Irene Boyd
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: I have just passed my test 1st time, can't thank Vinnie enough,he is the best instructor patience understanding and some great analogies which I'll take with me on my drive,he just doesn't teach you to drive he really teaches you to drive and you will get the understanding of this when you have your lessons with him thankyou thankyou for all your instruction and in a mad way I think I'll even miss him.See you for my motorway lessons beep beep

Name:: Amanda white
Instructor name::Vinnie
Your testimonial:: I would like to thankvinniefor his patience and time i can't recommend him enough i passed 1st time so thanks again amanda


Name:: Sasha
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: Thanks to Vinnie I passed my drivers test today!!! First time!! Such a lovely man who made me feel at ease from the very first lesson, explained every single little detail, isn't too serious and is very patience. I would highly recommend anybody who considers driving an automatic, that this is the man who will help you pass!
Thank you Vinnie!


Name:: Becky mcguire
Instructor name:: Vinny
Your testimonial:: Thanks to Vinny I passed my driving test today. He is a brilliant instructor made learning to drive really easy explains everything to you in a way you understand. Is completely down to earth and makes you feel at ease. Thanks Vinny. Couldn't of passed without you.


I have recently passed my test with Vinnie, after avoiding doing my driving lessons for years I finally decided to go for them and was made to feel really comfortable from my first lesson with Vinnie. He tells you when you are doing things correctly and encourages you when you are doing things wrong. Never thought I would be able to drive and I am so glad I can now just wish I had done it sooner, thanks Vinnie.


Name:: craig murphy
Instructor name::Vinnie
Your testimonial:: great instructor, took me on to take my test, passed first time with this instructor


Name:: Lauren Bowers
Instructor name::Vinnie
Your testimonial:: After having a terrible time with a previous instructor it's safe to say I was a nervous wreck!Vinnieimmediately changed my whole attitude after the first lesson and built my confidence back up. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks so so muchVinniefor helping me pass!!


Name:: Dan
Instructor name::Vinnie
Your testimonial:: I did a 30 hour course and passed my test 1st time thanks to the help and guidance of my instuctor,Vinnie. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive in an automatic.


Name:: Natasha
Instructor name::Vinnie
Your testimonial:: Just passed my test withvinnie, can't fault him as an instructor he makes you feel so at ease and explains everything perfectly! Thank you so muchvinnie! Highly recommend!


Name:: Jade
Instructor name::Vinnie
Your testimonial:: Started my lessons a few mths ago  withvinnieafter having a few driving instructors i was so nerves didn't think I would see the day I would pass my test  wat a brilliant driving instructor he gave me the confdance  I needed and had many laughs with you  thank you so muchVinniebeen a pleasure to learn with you


Name:: Angela Taylor
Instructor name::Vinnie
Your testimonial:: I never thought this day would come.  As a nervous driver I never thought I would pass my test but today I succeeded.  After trying driving lessons with a a couple of different instructors quite some years ago I gave up.  I just didn't have the confidence and thought that I would never pass.  I decided to give it another try.  This time I chose Passfaster.  My Driving instructor wasVinnie.  I have a lot to thankVinniefor.  He has given me back my confidence and made me a good driver and has got me through my test. He made me believe I could pass and I did (at 45 years of age! It's never too late!). Vinnieis a great instructor.  He has a lovely laid-back style of teaching which automatically puts you at ease and helps you to learn. Lessons were never dull and I learned a lot. I thoroughly recommendVinnieas a driving instructor.


Your Name:: Sarah
Instructor Name:: Vinnie
Your Testimonial:: Passed my test in automatic with Vinnie, amazing instructor I wouldn't of passed without him


Your Name:: Michael
Instructor Name::Vinnie
Your Testimonial:: Would just like to say a big thank you toVinniefor all his help in helping me pass my test first time. He is very good at talking you through every scenario and Made all my lessons very easy. I would highly recommend him.


Your Name:: Rebecca Byrne
Instructor Name::Vinnie
Your Testimonial::Vinnieis a great teacher,  he's really calm and easygoing and talks things through in a methodical way making the whole process easy to pick up. I found his way of teaching me to drive really helpful and would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to learn quickly. ThanksVinnie, I couldn't have done it without you!


Your Name:: Joanne Redhead
Instructor Name::VinnieCrewe
Your Testimonial:: As a very nervous driver I was apprehensive about taking lessons, butVinnieimmediately put me at ease. He explained everything clearly, and his sense of humour and positive approach to the lessons made everything seem so much less overwhelming. Thanks toVinnielast week I passed my test first time. Reliable and patient - I cannot recommend him enough!


Your Name:: Alex cairns
Instructor Name::VinnieCrewe
Your Testimonial:: I was withVinniefor less than 10 mths he made me feel at ease on my 1st lesson he's very patient & understanding of nerves etc he calmed me down every lesson when I got frustrated at doing things wrong he was more like a mate than a teacher I passed on my 2nd attempt which I never dreamed I would but it was all thanks toVinniean amazing instructor & to anyone going with this school I recommend him & you will pass in no time thanx againVinniefor everything xx


Your Name:: jonathan kirby
Instructor Name::vinnie
Your Testimonial:: never driven before, had 13 lessons withvinnieand passed first time with only 2 minors, cant fault anythin withvinnieexcellent instructor would recommend to anyone who wants to pass in a automatic, thanks vin


Your Name:: Lorna
Instructor Name::Vinnie
Your Testimonial:: After successfully passing my test first go. I would highly recommend my instructerVinnieto anyone looking to take lessons. He's simply the best. Thanks Vin!