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Past Testimonials

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Dawn Wild
Instructor name:: Pamela Labio
Your testimonial:: Pam is a brilliant Instructor. She is very patient and has a lovely personality which immediately makes you feel at ease. She explains things very carefully and will go over something again and again until you feel confident.
I would recommend her to anybody as their Instructor.
jane taylor
Instructor name:: Pam
Your testimonial:: Had lessons with Pam and passed test first time. Really lovely patient lady who picked up on my faults straightaway enabling me to correct them. Would highly recommend her. 
Josh Miller
Instructor name:: Alan Callahan
Your testimonial:: Passed with Alan after only a handful of lessons. Great instructor, top fella and most importantly an Evertonian. Would highly recommend.
Name:: Sam G
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: I could not have wished for a better instructor, Passed today, first time thanks to Vinnie. Very easy to understand his instructions and get along with. Also made to feel at ease from lesson 1. If I was to go through the journey of learning how to drive for a second time, I would want this kind of instructor! Thank you!
Blossom Ejiaku
Instructor name:: Vinnie Crewe
Your testimonial:: I passed my driving test today the 20th of September 2017 and it's my first time!🤗 Wouldn't have done it without the help of Vinnie Crewe! He has a very unique way of teaching, he was very gentle but firm with me and pushed me to realise my potentials in just a short space of time.
I will highly recommend him to anyone👌 Thanks Vinnie
Instructor name:: Ifty Khan
Your testimonial:: Where to begin? Ifty is an amazing driving instructor! I was recommended by my sister and I couldn't be more thankful. I was a complete beginner and did not have a clue at all about driving and at the end of my very first lesson, I drove home! After every lesson, you feel as though you have made a lot of progress and he certainly does not hold you back at all! He is such a fun, reliable and laid back instructor and I thoroughly enjoyed all of my lessons as he was always positive and understanding about everything. I would definitely highly recommend Ifty to anyone and actually, I have already recommended him to a couple of my friend's and they absolutely love him.
J Stevenson
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: Vinnie I see as honestly the best driving instructor Anyone could ask for extremely patient and has the ability to make his clients feel comfortable driving and believing in their own driving abilities , I passed my test after 20 lessons with vinnie and he was so simple but effective at explaining things to me which I was confused about and this resulted in me learning correctly and passing my test , i would highly recommend vinnie to anyone
Name:: Antonia
Instructor name:: Vinny
Your testimonial:: I just passed my test 1st time today with vinny after just 7 weeks with him, after being messed around by different instructors I'm so glad I found vinny he was so calm and understanding and I couldn't of passed my test without him would highly recommend him. Thanks vinny
Lauren Jacobsen
Instructor name:: John Kheener
Your testimonial:: Great instructor, John was always very patient and easy to talk too. He is very reliable and always on time, I would highly recommend him to anybody. Thank you again John
Instructor name:: Jackie
Your testimonial:: Just passed first time with 3 minors with Jackie as my instructor after previously failing 3 tests with a different instructor over a year ago. Brilliant instructor, learnt so much with her in my lessons, always patient and encouraging, helped me so much with my nerves and confidence and got me upto test standard in 10 hours. Wish I'd found her sooner, thankyou so much!!
Aimee Hornby
Instructor name:: Vinnie Crewe
Your testimonial:: I have just passed my test today 6th September! I am so thrilled and couldn't be happier with Vinnie! He has been amazing. I had about 7 (2hour) lessons and passed on my first attempt! Vinnie was so patient and understanding and explained everything I needed to know. I went into my test with every confidence that he couldn't have taught me anything more and the rest was up to me. He was very encouraging and the results speak for itself! Not only myself has passed now with Vinnie and Passfaster but also my Husband! Thanks again and highly recommended!
Amy Paxton
Instructor name:: Vincent Crewe
Your testimonial:: I have just passed my test today it took me less than a year to pass!! I have an acquired brain injury and very little hearing and Vincent was my instructor!! He was great with me, he give me time, patience, understanding and compassion!! I neever thought in a million years today I would be writing this testimonial but today after a lot of work An lessons and perseverance I passed!! Thanks for all your help Vincent great instructor 👍👍👍👍
Just want to message to say thanks for helping me to pass. My instructor was Kevin Brannan and he was brilliant. I passed first time after a 20 hour crash course. I would recommend Kevin to anyone as he made me feel comfortable in the car and his analogies helped a lot! Karl West
Name:: Peter Stoba
Instructor name:: Eddie Donn
Your testimonial:: I've just passed my test first time with Eddie after 25 hours! He's a really experienced instructor, down to earth, patient and good at explaining things.
Name:: Olivia Cogley
Instructor name:: Ifty Kahn
Your testimonial:: Great instructor, made sure I felt confident with each manover and made sure I was prepared for my theory and practical. He explained things well using examples to make sure I understood the concept and how to carry something out. Overall a brilliant instructor and I would definitely recommend him to everyone
Name:: J L Fisher
Instructor name:: Jackie
Your testimonial:: Jackie was a wonderful instructor, her attention to detail on my driving and the focus of making me a safe driver has in no doubt aided me in passing my test. Jackie was very caring and easy to get along with instructor I believe this is vital when learning to drive. You need a good relationship with your instructor so the advice and criticism you are given you do not take personally and is instead taken in a constructive manner. One other great quality of passfaster and Jackie as an instructor is her honesty with you. She will tell when you are doing well and what needs to developed. She is always ready with the DVSA Guide and lined paper to illustrate her points and advice. These attributes and techniques used via the tutorage of Jackie has allowed me to pass my test with only 3 minors. This was after years of on and off lesson due to other commitments. Her easy talking and sheer positiveness was the reason I kept her number and kept asking for more lessons. 
lynda head
Instructor name:: Sarah
Your testimonial:: I am an older driver and be it a reluctant one...  Due to circumstances I needed to drive.  Contacted Pass faster and I was put in touch with Sarah.
From day one she is easy to get on with and be with, fantastic instructor.  Will work with you at your own pace, building your confidence and supporting you.
She never ever raises her voice or loses her patience and is very knowledgeable.
She always remains supportive and calm even when you are panicking she understands then puts you back on track...  She has been an amazing teacher and believes in you and motivates you.
I began to enjoy my driving which is something I would never ever have believed.
I passed my test first time and it is down to her, it has given me independence and freedom I needed.  I am so appreciative or her patience and clear instruction would never have done it if not for her.   Thank you so very much Sarah.  Older reluctant drivers give them a call  you wont look back...
Ste Dickinson
Instructor name:: Alan Callahan
Your testimonial:: Having first started learning to drive in Bristol, I took a few lessons with Alan over Christmas. Since then I haven't had the time or money to do my test but booked a 15 week course with Alan at the start of August.
Alan immediately identified the areas I needed to work on. He doesn't bullshit you but he's a really nice guy. I passed with 2 minors at the end of the week. Would 100% recommend Alan to anyone wanting to learn to drive in Liverpool.
Cheers Alan.
Laura Howard
Instructor name:: Kevin Brannan
Your testimonial:: I passed my test with Kevin Brannan yesterday, i had previously failed a test with another driving company 2 years ago so my nerves were terrible getting in a car again. He quickly put my nerves to rest and started preparing me not only to pass my test but also the skills i would need for life. He gave me a firm push in the right direction making sure i would not make the same mistakes over in my test or after. Thank you so much for all your lessons, i drove my son to football today and felt so confident. Thank you
David watson
Instructor name:: Sarah
Your testimonial:: I passed my manual driving test with Sarah blue ford fiesta (manual) - having driving lessons with Sarah was good she was very clear with her instructions and had loads of info if you was unsure about anything I would highly recommend taking driving lessons with her ***** 5 stars

Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: Passed my test fist time with Vinnie as my instructor. Vinnie made me feel at ease and comfortable in the car, and really took the time to ensure I fully understood everything that was needed. Would highly recommend.

Peter moore
Instructor name:: Mike wells
Your testimonial:: Passed my test first time on 17/06/17 quality instructor, will be recommending him to family and friends thanks very much

Instructor name:: Graham Campbell
Your testimonial:: I passed first time with Graham as my instructor. He made my driving lessons enjoyable an i have learnt the skills to be a safe driver. I cant thank you enough for your patience an encouragement. I would recommend Graham to anyone who is nervous about starting to drive he will make you feel at ease an teach you to be confident and safe on the road. Thanks Graham.
Rebecca Richardson


I passed my test third time lucky a week ago with one of the best instructors John Heuston!!
I was a very nervous driver, I had lack of confidence in myself and I got quite overwhelmed sometimes, but John understood all of this and was patient with me and knew what to say to give me the confidence boost I needed!
John is patient, reliable, understanding and professional! He was very professional but we could have a laugh and a joke and he kept my confidence increasing whilst driving!
He taught me everything I needed to know thoroughly and kept me going even when I lacked confidence! He worked around my very busy work hours! He is an amazing instructor and I can't thank him enough for all of his support and guidance, I will be forever greatful! My brother is now taking driving lessons with John and is ready to book his test in! Thank you John and thank you to passfaster, highly recommended!

Antony McCarrick
Instructor name:: Sarah Smith
Your testimonial:: I would like to thank Sarah personaly for helping me to pass my driving test. . And all her knowledge and experience were put to use helping me to pass. She remained very professional and calm . And this was vital when I became very nervous. I would highly recommend her as an instructor. She was Brilliant. Thanks again Sarah.
Antony McCarrick

Name:: David
Instructor name:: Sarah Smith
Your testimonial:: Sarah was nice, friendly and a great instructor. taught me how to drive in quick time and help me pass 1st time. Thanks Sarah

Name:: Justinah
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: I had just four lessons with the amazing Vinnie after I failed my first driving test. On the 3/07/17 I passed my practical with just 6 faults. This instructor was the most calm person during lessons and he took his time to teach but not criticise. Thank you very much for all the support you provided.....

Name:: Iesha moran
Instructor name:: Ifty Khan
Your testimonial:: Today I passed my driving test first time round all thanks to my amazing driving instructor ifty Khan I would never of done it without you. Couldn't recommend ifty enough thanks again

Name:: Kirsten
Instructor name:: Mal
Your testimonial:: Mal is an amazing instructor and I couldn't recommend him highly enough. I have just passed my test first time with him as my instructor (after 4 previous failed attempts with another driving school). He is so patient and thinks through what needs to be done then structures lessons to address any issues. He really is great.

Name:: Jason
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: Honestly an amazing instructor. Patient and honest. Can recommend vinnie to anyone who wants to pass their test with confidence.


Name:: Lara Simpson
Instructor name:: Ifty Khan
Your testimonial:: Ifty is a fantastic driving instructor! I enjoyed my driving lessons as he was always very positive about everything and I always felt like I made lots of progress every lesson. He has fun easy ways to remember manoeuvres, and lots of great tips for general driving making everything as stress free as possible. I used to feel very unsure and nervous but now I feel confident knowing I've got the skills I need to be a safe driver. Ifty's blog is also very useful and provides lots of great information! Would definitely recommend Ifty to anyone who has had previous experience but had never passed (like me) or a complete beginner!


Name:: Dominika Jaronowska
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: Couldn't be happier when I passed my test last week and it was the best choice to drive with Vinnie! He is such a friendly and patient instructor. After lessons with him I got a lot more confident with driving. As I was usually nervous he always calmed me down and explain everything perfectly so driving became easy! He gives the best advise on lessons and before the test. If you looking for automatic lessons you won't find a better instructor. Highly recommend to anyone! Thank you so much Vinnie for all the help!


Peter, the absolute legend taught me how to be a boss driver and I passed in super quick time. Thank you!

My experience with John Keehner has been good. I would definitely recommend him. He is patient and is a brilliant teacher. He knows all the aspects of the driving test, and describes them in detail witch benefits you when you take your test. I passed 1st time
Thanks John
Daniel Jones

My experience with John Keehner has been good. I would definitely recommend him. He is patient and is a brilliant teacher. He knows all the aspects of the driving test, and describes them in detail witch benefits you when you take your test. I passed 1st time
Thanks John
Daniel Jones


Thank you John Keehner. You scared me at first, And made me nervous. But Ultimately your knowledge of driving was far supierior to my previous instructor, and that is the reason that I passed. Thanks again Sonny Fielding


Thanks John (Keehner) you're an amazing instructor, Very comfortable approach to teaching. I passed first time, thank for having patients with me. Heaven Price


I passed my test today. I had Pete as my instructor and i would HIGHLY recommend pass faster and Pete to anyone. They me feel like I was family helped me with more than just my test am so great full of this company and my instructor.... Thank you all and a big thank you to PETE for putting up with me!! I HAVE PASSED WHOOOOOOO!! Cxx


Stephen Spencer is the best instructor out there. He creates a funny and stress free atmosphere and caters to your needs. He's supportive and trustworthy and doesn't teach you to pass your test but to drive PROPERLY! He's thorough and wants best for his students and will commit to you if you're willing to respect and listen and trust him. I may not of passed first time due to my own fault but he certainly gave me a motivation and a boost of confidence to try again. Does not make you feel bad or stupid but makes you understand and correct and better yourself!


I passed my driving test last Thursday and I am absolutely ecstatic!! I could not have done it without Peter (Peter Anderson) From the very first lesson he understood me, how I worked, what caused me stress and my lack of confidence I had in myself. Every lesson he worked on different things with me or if something specific was bothering me, he made sure we went over it until I felt 100% and got it right.
Peter is very reliable, patient, understanding and honest when I needed the truth. I could not praise him enough. Peter is exceptionally professional but also has a great sense of humour and able to take a joke… good job as I accidently insulted his ‘old’ age a couple of times! Ha!
I feel lucky to have had Peter as my instructor, cannot praise him enough and I will be forever thankful.
I highly recommend passfaster and Peter to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive!!


I passed my test 1st time on Friday 26th may thanks to Vinnie. I had 20 lessons with him. He is an excellent instructor and I would seriously recommended him to anyone. He taught me so much so quick. He has excellent techniques in teaching you things. I can't thank this man enough for getting me to test standard. With every lesson I had Vinnie was always on time, never let's you down. He is extremly patient, he is extremly honest and will tell you what faults you need to work on, which is what i liked most, you dont want an instructor who gives you no feed back or tells you a pack of lies. He will go out of his way to help you in anyway he can possible. We had some good laughs, which makes you feel comfortable and less nervous. I will actually miss vinnie. A great man and great instructor. If you want to learn to drive and past your test then vinnie is 100% the man you want as an instructor, but you need to put that hard work in aswell. Thank you vinnie so so much you made my dreams come true buddy!!


Holly James
Instructor name:: Vinny
Your testimonial:: I just did my test with vinny and passed with only 3 minors. he's so lovely and helped me with my nerves so much, he believed in me more then I did which helped alot.
He was realy flexible with his hours for me as I have a child and im at uni so im always busy and he was realy understanding when it came to me getting my lefts and rights mixed up some times due to being dyslexic.
I would recommend him to anyone who wants to drive automatic such a lovely man and helps to calm you when needed :) thank you so much vinny xx

Name:: Robert Spencer
Instructor name:: Alan Callaghan
Your testimonial:: Having spent a lot of hours and a lot of money with a previous instructor and still not managed to reach test standard, I began lessons with Alan. After just 12 hours I was ready for the test. Yesterday I passed and now my only regret is not making the switch sooner. Alan is a relaxed and friendly instructor who will push you towards a high standard of driving. Highly recommended. I look forward to the motorway lesson!

Instructor name:: Peter Anderson
Your testimonial:: My cousin passed his test with Peter and recommended him to me.

I hadn’t been in a car for 10 months since failing a test in November 2015, so Peter took me on an assessment lesson and advised me to book 10 hours to get me to full test standard. I thought this wouldn’t be enough, but I booked the 10 hours as advised. I provided Peter with the dates and times of my availability, which he adhered to as best as he could in order to give me a solid driving schedule leading up to the test date.

Peter was extremely patient throughout my endless questions (there were a lot!) and errors (even more than the questions!), and he told me exactly what I needed to hear in order to calm my nerves.

Peter helped me to believe in my own ability and I managed to pass first time with him in October 2016, so I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Peter, he is a great instructor and a really nice guy.

Thanks Peter.


Name: Rosie Walker

I had many driving lessons with multiple instructors and none of them even came close to how amazing Ifty is. I had failed my test a few times before asking Ifty for his help. He makes lessons memorable and fun, whilst also being very encouraging and honest. You know you are in safe hands when you're on your lessons and he also offers lots of help via his blog.

I took my test and passed with ZERO FAULTS. I couldn't have done it without him. I would 100% recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor, whether you are experienced or inexperienced. Thanks Ifty.


Name:: Florence
Instructor name:: Vinny
Your testimonial:: Passed 1st time. I don't normally write review or testimonies however I felt that vinney really deserves it. I was offered a job on the basis that I pass my driving test within 3 months, a friend of my recommended pass faster, I was a little nervous because I have had some pretty shitty instructors who made me feel like I was stupid for not understanding the basics of driving. I have a learning disability (dyslexia and dyspraxia) Which pretty much affects my ability to process information being spoken to me. Vinney understands my disability, he was calm and patient even when I was panicking. Our lessons were so chilled out it didn't feel stressful and we always laughed, I would defiantly recommend Vinney because he is a great Instructor and gives effective information. Job safe life goes on.


Name:: Yasmina
Instructor name:: John Madden
Your testimonial:: I ve passed my test 1 st time with John yesterday. He teached me how to drive safely and built my confidence while I prepared for my exam.
I totally recommend him.


Name:: Philip Smye
Instructor name:: John Maddock
Your testimonial:: John was a fantastic driving instructor, and with his great instruction I passed first time. I would recommend john to anyone that is looking to take lessons, As he is a truly fantastic driving instructor.


Angela Foster
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: I have just passed my test on the 1st attempt thanks to the commitment and patience shown by Vinnie!! He is an excellent tutor, he never once let me down with a lesson and his time keeping is second to none, he will never keep you waiting! He has a natural way of explaining roads and signals clearly that seem difficult to grasp at first, I would recommend Vinnie to anybody wanting to be successful in their driving.
Your Name:: Daniel
Instructor Name:: Alan Callaghan
Your Testimonial:: Done a 20 hour course with Alan was a great instructor and would recommend him to anyone seeking to pass there test.


Instructor name:: Alex
Your testimonial:: Alex is honestly the best instructor i could of asked for. He is easy to get along with and caters the lessons you have to your specific needs as a learner. I enjoyed learning with Alex as he was very helpful when giving instructions. He was very good at explaining any questions that i had, i found him to be patient and thanks to him i passed first time. Would highly recommend alex to anyone thinking of taking lessons. Thanks again xx


Name:: Heather
Instructor name:: Vinny
Your testimonial:: I passed my test 1st time last week, all thanks to Vinny. He explains everything you need to know in a way that you as an individual will understand. I would definitely recommend Vinny to anyone who is looking to learn to drive automatic cars, thanks again Vinny!


John Keehner is a fantastic driving instructor. He make you feel comfortable
and it was enjoyable too. Which I have never had before. I can't thank him
enough Cassie Nairn


I AM SO HAPPY John is the best driving instructor I've had I've had a few I
thank you John Keehner for giving me the confidence to finally take my test
and pass first time Vicky Sweeny


John Keehner is an excellent driving instructor. He assured that I was well
prepared for my driving test. Very helpful and supportive to me allowing me
to pass at my fist attempt James Lowry


John Keehner was great with getting me ready for my driving test. Lots of
help which allowed me to pass first time Matthew Provost


Name:: Lyndsey Carroll
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: thankyou so much Vinnie for believing in me calming me down & your persraverance i would highly recommend anyone who wants to drive automatic to get in touch with you i honestly couldnt of done it without you thanks again


Name:: Abigail Morgan
Instructor name:: John Wrigley
Your testimonial:: I passed in summer 2014 with John! He was a great instructor and I really couldn't of thought I could get a better instructor. He was calm and patient and the way he taught made it all seem so simple. I was a bag of nerves and John helped me get over my fear on the road.


Name:: kirsty
Instructor name:: Alex
Your testimonial:: Alex is honestly the best instructor i could of asked for. He is easy to get along with and caters the lessons you have to your specific needs as a learner. I enjoyed learning with Alex as he was very helpful when giving instructions. He was very good at explaining any questions that i had, i found him to be patient and thanks to him i passed first time. Would highly recommend alex to anyone thinking of taking lessons. Thanks again xx


Name:: lauren
Instructor name:: Alan callaghan
Your testimonial:: Thanks to alan i passed my test fisrt time- he is really friendly and made me feel more confident behind the wheel! He is easy to get along with as well as make you feel relaxed comfortable and can have a laugh with. I really enjoyed my lessons and would recommend him to anyone that needs a confidence boost as well as a friendly instructor :) thank you again alan.


Name:: Dan
Instructor name:: Vinny
Your testimonial:: Just passed my test 1st time on Monday and wouldn't of been able to do it without Vinny. Everything that he'd taught me gave me the confidence in my driving ability to go out there and show the examiner what I can do.


He is a very reliable instructor and the method of teaching is top notch. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Vinnie to anyone looking to drive as he'll do the best job possible to get you prepared for your test pushing you all the way.


Name:: Melissa Hunter
Instructor name:: Vinny
Your testimonial:: Vinny is an amazing Instructor. He explains everything so clearly and is a great laugh! I always looked forward to lessons but So happy to have now passed. Would recommend Vinny to everybody!!


Name:: Amelia Bowker
Subject:: Appreciation and gratitude
Message:: Hello.
I passed my driving test this afternoon and I am just writing to give my thanks to Denis Judge who has been instructing me for just over a year. I started lessons with him after having a poor previous experience with a private instructor. I couldn't of done it without him.
He is the nicest man I have ever met, he always brought calmness to every lesson. And always believed in me even when I didn't. We not only passed the test together but we also became firm friends and I couldn't of done it without him. After so many attempts I've done it and I would 100% recommend Denis Judge from Pass Faster.
Thank You


Name:: Francis Baumont De Oliveira
Instructor name:: Frank Floyd
Your testimonial:: Massive thank you to Frank. Couldn't have asked for a better instructor, and couldn't have passed first time without him. Very patient, friendly and professional. Driving and learning around Liverpool was a pleasure, especially as Frank knows it so well. I highly recommend Frank to anyone about to learn.


Name:: Laura
Message:: Taking driving lessons with pastfaster was the best thing I ever done. My instructor Mike is highly recommended. Very reliable and made it easy. Thanks Mike.


Name:: Irene Boyd
Instructor name:: Vinnie
Your testimonial:: I have just passed my test 1st time, can't thank Vinnie enough,he is the best instructor patience understanding and some great analogies which I'll take with me on my drive,he just doesn't teach you to drive he really teaches you to drive and you will get the understanding of this when you have your lessons with him thankyou thankyou for all your instruction and in a mad way I think I'll even miss him.See you for my motorway lessons beep beep.