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Alison Jago


Adi Number:       323002
Car:                    Citreon Ds3
Areas covered:   L1, L2,L6, L7, L8.L14,L15, L16, L17, L18, L19,


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Name:: Laura
Instructor name:: Alison jago
Your testimonial:: Would highly recommend Alison. She was patient and helped me build my confidence. I passed after two months of lessons. Great instructor.

Name:: Charlotte
Instructor name:: Alison
Your testimonial:: I was so nervous about driving lessons, I'd put it off for years. Alison is a fantastic instructor. She put me at ease, helped to build my confidence gradually at a pace that suited me and was very supportive. There were times I felt like giving up but with her support and tutoring I kept going and now I'm so pleased I've managed to pass my test. Thanks so much for all your help.

Name:: Laura Smith
Instructor name:: Alison
Your testimonial:: I was so nervous about driving when I first met Alison. However straight away she put me at ease and boosted my confidence. I passed my test first time today after  about 2 months of lessons. Alison is great

Your Name:: megan long
Instructor Name:: alison
Your Testimonial:: I was as apprehensive as the next person about starting my driving lessons until i found pass faster! I was looking for a female driving instructor and they were able to easily accommodate this! My driving instructor Alison made me feel so comfortable and at ease i would highly recommend her!! I passed first time with only one minor!! Thank you so much!!


Your Name:: Orla Shanahan
Instructor Name:: Alison
Your Testimonial:: Alison from Passfaster was an absolutely fantastic driving instructor. She was really calm, helpful and gave me very handy tips for manoeuvres and tricky junctions that I had struggled with previously. She was so friendly and made my driving lessons thoroughly enjoyable. I passed first time and couldn't have done it without all her encouragement and help!