driving lessons LiverpoolIf you searched for driving lessons Liverpool then you will see that we are one of Liverpool's most highly respected driving schools and have been offering lessons to our students for over 15 years.

As you can see from our testimonials page, we are extremely busy and have regular feedback from our students. We also have individual pages for each of our instructors, which also contain feedback, so you can get an idea of how they work with our students as well as the car they use and the areas of Liverpool that they cover.


So why should you start your driving lessons with Liverpool's best driving school, here are a few more reasons:

1. Excellent rewards for the money you spend. At Passfaster we know that money can be tight so we do everything we can to keep our prices low. Learning to drive can be expensive so the cheaper we can make things, the better. We offer bulk lesson discounts where the more you book in advance, the more you will save.


2. A compact and comprehensive range of lessons. We provide the ultimate driving courses to suit your needs. Each of our lessons is another step towards getting you through your driving test. Our instructors have years' of experience teaching learner drivers and we have help thousands pass their test. Whether you're a nervous driver, you've already had some instruction from a family member, you prefer an automatic car or you would like lessons at 9p.m., we can help. Every student is guided through a range of test routes, mock tests and weaknesses are stressed upon to prepare you for the big day.


3. We care. We have a big, friendly team of professional and reliable driving instructors who want you to pass your test as soon as possible. We want you to become safe, confident drivers who will go on and recommend our driving instructors to your friends and family so we do everything we can to tailor our lessons to you and make sure you enjoy them.


Here we update our regular blog on how to be successful during your driving lessons with something a little different, things you shouldn't do!


1. Don't panic!

As driving instructors we deal with nervous drivers on a daily basis and the one thing that we always say, repeating like a mantra, is don't panic. You are not the first person to learn to drive, you're not even the worst student we've ever had. You will be fine, we know what we're doing and above all, we are here to help you.

The worst thing that you are likely to do on your first driving lessons is hold-up a bit of traffic but everyone on the road has been in your position at some point. Everyone has to learn to drive if they want to be on the road so just take a deep breath and try to enjoy the ride.

Learning to drive is a great experience. It can be scary and some people become overwhelmed as there are lots of things to consider - traffic laws, the various controls of the car, learning to change gears, keeping an eye on the road, the theory test... it's a lot for anyone.


As a learner driver, it is quite common to find yourself worrying and feeling those nerve-wracking moments leading up to your driving lessons and your driving test as well.

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Our school has been growing steadily and we now have over 40 fully qualified driving instructors. All of our instructors have been interviewed, CRB checked, fully insured. We will also use trainee driving instructors who have been registerd and aproved by the DVSA...


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Recently just passed, my instructor was John Dunn. Couldn't ask for a better instructor. Always on time, made me feel confident about my driving, and prepared me properly for my test. Definetely recommended.