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Essential Tips: Things you shouldn't do on your driving lesson

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Here we update our regular blog on how to be successful during your driving lessons with something a little different, things you shouldn't do!


1. Don't panic!

As driving instructors we deal with nervous drivers on a daily basis and the one thing that we always say, repeating like a mantra, is don't panic. You are not the first person to learn to drive, you're not even the worst student we've ever had. You will be fine, we know what we're doing and above all, we are here to help you.

The worst thing that you are likely to do on your first driving lessons is hold-up a bit of traffic but everyone on the road has been in your position at some point. Everyone has to learn to drive if they want to be on the road so just take a deep breath and try to enjoy the ride.


2. Don't forget your glasses

With lots of other things going on - especially if you're guilty of panicking (see above) - then you may forget things that are normally routine to you and one of these is your glasses. If you forget them just let your instructor know. They can drive you to home or wherever you've left them and you can start your lesson from there but don't try to manage without. At the least you will be so worried and straining your eyes that you may get a headache. It's just not worth it.


3. Don't stop learning

We all know of a friend who thinks they know everything about a subject. Maybe they've already their driving and they think they are the best driver in the world. Don't be that guy. The sooner you realise that you'll never know everything but all you can do is to continue learning from others. Your instructor will teach you how to drive but there will always be things that are not covered in your lessons, either because there's not time or because it's something that you can learn from your Highway Code book.

Even when you have passed your test, keep your eyes open for ways to improve your driving. Somethings can only be learned from experience so it is always worth remembering that passing your test is one thing but continually improving is another.


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