Part 2 Training


This is the second of the three tests you must pass before being able to register as an ADI.


The ADI part two test assesses whether you can drive while showing a high level of competency and confidence. The test also covers vehicle safety. After passing the ADI part two test, you can start preparing for the final part of the ADI qualifying exam - the test of instructional ability. 

To pass this part of the test you must complete an hour long driving test with no more than 6 minor driving faults. We will take you out in your own vehicle or you can use one of our cars for training. All our training is one to one. We will take you on the test routes that the examiner is likely to take you on in order to give you the best chance as possible of passing first time. This part of the test can normally be completed after about 10 hours of driving tuition.

Please visit http://www.drivinginstructortrainingliverpool.co.uk/ for more information.


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Our school has been growing steadily and we now have over 40 fully qualified driving instructors. All of our instructors have been interviewed, CRB checked, fully insured. We will also use trainee driving instructors who have been registerd and aproved by the DVSA...


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Short Testimonials

Recently just passed, my instructor was John Dunn. Couldn't ask for a better instructor. Always on time, made me feel confident about my driving, and prepared me properly for my test. Definetely recommended.