Driving Lesson Prices

2019 prices

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Driving lessons can be bought online, over the phone or you can pay your instructor in cash
You can pay for your lessons in full, pay a deposit for a course or use Payl8r to finance your lessons.

Manual Driving Lessons

  Week days 9-5 Evenings / Weekend
1 Hour £28 £30
10 Hour Block £260 £280
5 Hour Block £130 £140


Automatic Driving Lessons

  Week days 9-5 Evenings / Weekend
1 Hour £30 £32
10 Hour Block £280 £300
5 Hour Block £140 £150


Fast Pass Courses

Lessons to be taken Weekday day times. Automatics £2ph extra.

5 Hours With Test £248                      £223  
10 Hours With Test £392                      £353  
15 Hours With Test £537                      £483  
20 Hours With Test £675                      £608 Guaranteed Pass £638
25 Hours With Test £813                      £732 Guaranteed Pass £762
30 Hours With Test £962                      £866 Guaranteed Pass £896
35 Hours With Test £1100                    £990 Guaranteed Pass £1020
40 Hours With Test £1238                    £1114 Guaranteed Pass £1140


Deposit required for courses £200

Pass Plus Course (6 hours) £180

Test Fees

  • Practical £65
  • Extended Practical test £130
  • Weekend Test £80
  • Theory £30

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Our lessons are competitively priced and are performed by fully qualified driving instructors.

About Us

Our school has been growing steadily and we now have over 40 fully qualified driving instructors. All of our instructors have been interviewed, CRB checked, fully insured. We will also use trainee driving instructors who have been registerd and aproved by the DVSA...


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Tel: 0151 280 2970



Customer Support

If you have any questions or need more information, please get in touch. You can call us on 0151 280 2970 or send a message through our contact form.

Short Testimonials

Recently just passed, my instructor was John Dunn. Couldn't ask for a better instructor. Always on time, made me feel confident about my driving, and prepared me properly for my test. Definetely recommended.


Please contact Passfaster via email asap if you want to apply for a Driving or theory test as a critical worker.

Passfaster is dedicated to help fight this virus and will make no profit from any work done to provide key workers with their driving licence.

Contact us here by text (07852 451457) or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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