Alan Callaghan 

Adi Number:       293466
Car:                    Renault Clio (diesel)
Areas covered:   L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, l6, L7, L8, L9, L10, L11, L12, L13, L14, L15, L16, L17, L18, L19, L20,L21, L24, L25, L26, L27



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I passed first time yesterday morning with Alan Callaghan. Just want to say a big thank you to your company and Alan Callaghan. And I will highly recommend you to anyone of my friends in the future 👍🏻
Passed my driving test last week with instructor Alan Callaghan, I was a nervous driver at first and he stuck with me and had the patience of a saint. Worked on any and all issues I had and gave me much more confidence and the tools to keep calm and drive safely. Can't recommend highly enough, thankyou, Alexander Reynolds
My driving instructor was Alan Callaghan. He was my second instructor and made me feel comfortable and at ease quickly after changing instructors. Very easy to speak, made it easy to learn, and was a great teacher overall! I would highly recommend Alan and passfaster!

My instructer was Alan Callaghan

We got on great and he knew that I was a bit nervous as I had failed my test a couple times before a few years ago. But he put me at ease and reassured me that I COULD drive, I just needed to relax a bit.

I finally passed and aant to thanl Alan a lot for not giving up on me! I will miss having someone to share Westworld theories with though.

(First attempt pass)
I learned with Alan Callaghan, he's an excellent instructor, professional and straight to the point.
I started taking my driving lessons in Liverpool city as I was sent there by my employer for a short IT project. During the driving course I was told by my employer that within a month I will be sent back to London for another project. This has put my learning effort in danger of being wasted. But as soon as I informed Alan about my employer's decision, he knew what to do and realised that there need to be a change in plan. So, he squeezed my learning timeline and intensified his effort to try to get me up to test standard in the shortest time possible before the end of the month. This is where PassFast driving instructor's quality kicks-in, Alan was able to deliver precise and straight-to-the-point driving knowledge based on the long experience he has as a driving instructor. Alan also has the right skills to calm your nerves down on test day, he has all the answers to the questions that goes through your mind when you're nervous. Now, I'm so relieved and the headache of getting a driving licence is off my agenda.
(Thanks Alan)
A massive thanks to my driving instructor Alan Callaghan for getting me to test standard and passing my test with two minors. Alan was recommended by two of my colleagues who both passed first time with Alan as their instructor. Alan is very easy going, insightful and helped build my confidence throughout my time learning and I’d completely recommend him to anyone considering taking lessons with Pass Faster.

Name:: Erin
Instructor name:: Alan Callaghan
Your testimonial:: Alan was a brilliant instructor, after learning to drive for 5 years on and off with several different instructors he was definitely the best person to learn with. Alan is dead easy going and so easy to get along with which makes what could be a stressful experience really enjoyable. Would recommend Alan to anyone, he’ll give you the confidence and skills you need to pass!
Name:: lisa
Instructor name:: Alan Callaghan
Your testimonial:: I passed last week with Alan! i can't thank him enough for all his support and guidance. Really down to earth with loads of banter, makes you feel confident when driving. Will miss Alan became like a friend in the end! Thanks Al! Lisa X
Name:: Virginia Mardell
Instructor name:: Alan Callaghan
Your testimonial:: Alan was the 4th driving instructor I had, after doing driving lessons on and off for many years. I failed my test in Leeds and came back to uni in Liverpool, and met Alan. He was by far the best instructor, evidently, as I passed the second time around. Alan restored my confidence and didn't make lessons seem like a chore. He is a lovely, genuine man and should be considered a huge asset to pass faster. Would recommend without hesitation! Thank you again! Gin.
Name:: Aimee Louise berrisford
Instructor name:: Alan callaghan
Your testimonial:: I'd never drove a car before I started with Alan, and I've just passed my test this morning after around 18 hours. He is absolutely brilliant, he has made me more confident and supported me the whole way, I would defiantly reccomend him to others who wants a quick pass not only is he such a lovely easy going guy, but a fab instructor!!! Can't thank you enough. Xx
Name:: Denise McIntyre
Instructor name:: Alan Callaghan
Your testimonial:: Just wanted to say a big thank you to Alan. Passed my driving test yesterday and I'm over the moon! Thank you Alan for completely putting me at ease, helping me overcome my issues with reversing, teaching me how to drive in normal life, not just to pass a test, and making me feel confident about it. Alan is a friendly, experienced driving instructor, genuine nice guy and I'm so pleased I used this course to get on the road! Thanks again, Denise x

Josh Miller
Instructor name:: Alan Callahan
Your testimonial:: Passed with Alan after only a handful of lessons. Great instructor, top fella and most importantly an Evertonian. Would highly recommend. 

Ste Dickinson
Instructor name:: Alan Callahan
Your testimonial:: Having first started learning to drive in Bristol, I took a few lessons with Alan over Christmas. Since then I haven't had the time or money to do my test but booked a 15 week course with Alan at the start of August.
Alan immediately identified the areas I needed to work on. He doesn't bullshit you but he's a really nice guy. I passed with 2 minors at the end of the week. Would 100% recommend Alan to anyone wanting to learn to drive in Liverpool.
Cheers Alan.

Passed first time after 12 lessons with Alan. Excellent teacher and a very calming instructor. Fills you with confidence and will explain things you get wrong and how to put them right rather than just saying they are wrong. Highly recommended

Name:: Robert Spencer
Instructor name:: Alan Callaghan
Your testimonial:: Having spent a lot of hours and a lot of money with a previous instructor and still not managed to reach test standard, I began lessons with Alan. After just 12 hours I was ready for the test. Yesterday I passed and now my only regret is not making the switch sooner. Alan is a relaxed and friendly instructor who will push you towards a high standard of driving. Highly recommended. I look forward to the motorway lesson!

Name:: Anthony Jones
Instructor name:: Alan Callaghan
Your testimonial:: Very happy with the whole experience, Alan made it clear what I needed to do, was firm and assertive, but also kind and very friendly.
Alan taught me an awful lot behind the wheel of a car, things I didn't even knew I was doing wrong, that he would address.
He made me feel comfortable, was easy to ask questions that I didn't understand, plus gave me loads of helpful hints.
Extremely helpful on manoeuvres ( which i was worried about the most)
Anyway passed 2nd time around, and would defiantly recommend Alan to any who are looking to start.
Cheers for the help Al :)

Name:: Kayleigh
Instructor name:: Alan Callaghan
Your testimonial:: Excellent instructor, who made me feel really at ease. Alan really improved my confidence and helped me to pass my test. I would 100% recommend Alan.

Name:: Natalie
Instructor name:: Alan Callaghan
Your testimonial:: I booked a pass fast course but booked a few extra lessons before hand as my test was a while off. Had my lessons with Alan who was absolutely amazing, always really calm and encouraging.
So glad I decided to use pass faster and passed with the help of Alan!

Name:: Vikki Mills
Instructor name:: Alan Callaghan
Your testimonial:: Passed my test today thanks to Alan! What a great guy he is. Good advice was given on each lesson to ensure i passed! He had complete faith in me Thanks Alan

Name:: Adam Salem
Instructor name:: Alan Callaghan
Your testimonial:: Had the pleasure of having alan Callaghan as my driving instructor. Puts you at easy straight away, no nonsense, no time wasting. A true professional. Sets out a plan that suits you in a realistic time scale. Really friendly and gives you confidence behind the wheel and you can have a laugh with him as well. Great guy really fantastic at his job thanks again alan!

Name:: Saja Almualy
Your testimonial:: Alan is the best instructor I had of all my 4 other instructors. He even went the extra mile of booking an earlier test as I was ready to pass. He really helped me  gain confidence in myself as a driver and even when I was confused about the 2 roundabouts in Norris green, he walked me over to it and explained it so well, I was so happy as I now feel confident I will pass and I did thanks to Alan. I recommend Alan to anyone who wants to pass faster.

Name:: Ryan Matthews
Your testimonial:: By far the best instructor ive had!   Booked in for a 20 hour crash course, finished my course over a week and passed my test on the first attempt.  Couldnt be happier with the result !

Your Name:: Daniel
Instructor Name:: Alan Callaghan
Your Testimonial:: Done a 20 hour course with Alan was a great instructor and would recommend him to anyone seeking to pass there test.

Name:: lauren
Instructor name:: Alan callaghan
Your testimonial:: Thanks to alan i passed my test fisrt time- he is really friendly and made me feel more confident behind the wheel! He is easy to get along with as well as make you feel relaxed comfortable and can have a laugh with. I really enjoyed my lessons and would recommend him to anyone that needs a confidence boost as well as a friendly instructor :) thank you again alan.

Name:: Jake Carden
Instructor name:: Alan Callaghan
Your testimonial:: Was lucky enough to get Alan as my instructor once I called passfaster, couldn't have got a better instructor, very easy to get along with and made lessons enjoyable, helped to calm nerves on day of the test and always looked forward to my lessons, highly recommended.

Name:: Kathryn brugnoli
Instructor name:: Alan callahan
Your testimonial:: Passed my test with alan on monday just like to say wat a brilliant instructor he is and a great fella too. Would highly recommend him to anyone.


Name:: Luke
Instructor name:: Alan Callaghan
Your testimonial:: Passed my test with Alan which I can say was a pleasure to do my lessons with as I previoisly dome lessons which did not go how I was hoping and soon as I got in the car with Alan he made me feel confident in everything I was doing could tell from the first day that my weeks intensive driving course was going to go down very well.
Would recommend him to anyone who I know or speak to wanting to learn to drive.
Very professional instructor and a pleasure to spend time with.
Thanks alot Alan much appreciated.


Name:: Jake Hyslop
Instructor name:: Alan Callaghan
Your testimonial:: Alan was a very good instructor and very knowledgeable as he has a large amount of experience to help me pass my test in under a week. He and the team at passfaster were very efficient and even told me that i didn't need all the lessons i booked so refunded me for them. With out Alan i definitely don't think I would have passed i am very impressed. Thank you all


Your Name:: Louise Dwyer
Instructor Name:: Alan Callahan
Your Testimonial:: I would highly recommend Alan to anyone considering learning to drive. I have found him to be helpful at all times, patient, friendly and professional. Lessons were enjoyable and I always came away feeling I had learnt something new.



Your Name:: Bev
Instructor Name:: Alan Callaghan
Your Testimonial:: Just passed my test - thanks to Alan, he was really friendly and immediately made me feel relaxed learning to drive as he is easy to get along with, he doesn't rush you and explains things in a way that is easy to understand and makes them seem more simple. We were sometimes in the car for 4 hours at a time, I never got bored and by the end Alan was more like a friend than a driving instructor. I really enjoyed learning to drive with passfaster and will recommend them to everyone looking to start driving in the future. THANK YOU ALAN!! :)

Your Name:: Billy Badrock
Instructor Name:: Alan Callahan
Your Testimonial:: Just passed my test made up want to say thanks to Alan he was excellent recommend him to any one

After having previous lessons with another driving instructor, Alan Callaghan took me under his wing and settled all insecurities and confidence issues, he was patient made you feel at ease and down to earth. Alan guided me to pass my driving test first time today. Not only was he the best driving instructor, he also ended up feeling like a friend. After having only 10 hours with him I am both grateful and sad to not need Alan's instruction anymore.
I cannot thank you enough Alan, you are truly the best evertonian I have ever met!!
Anyone would be lucky to have Alan Callaghan as their instructor and I would advise everyone to ask for him!

I could already drive but wasn't confident when it came to manoeuvres and I didn't have any lessons for almost a year with my test coming up in less than a week so I contacted passfaster and they gave my details to Alan Callaghan. I had four days of lessons with him leading up to the morning of my test and I felt so confident thanks to how simple he made manoeuvres to learn. He simplified everything and took his time to make sure I felt confident doing anything before moving onto something else. I'd recommend him to anyone. Thanks Alan, Sirak

Name:: Sarah Williams
Instructor Name:: Alan callaghan
Testimonial:: I would like to thank alan callaghan for being an amazing driving instructor. Before pass faster I have had two previous instructors who for one reason or another didn't work out but alan was brilliant. Made me feel totally at ease from the beginning,  we always had a laugh as well as being serious which made me look forward to each lesson. I had zero confidence in my ability to drive but Alan helped me realise that I couldn't just manoeuvre the car but I was infact a pretty good driver. He pushed me when I needed pushing but was also considerate about my anxiety! I honestly dont think I would have passed with anyone else he went that extra mile, giving me pep talks and ensuring I was comfortable after each lesson and i understood what needed improving in the next. I booked the 30hr pass fast course with a second attempt but this wasnt needed as I passed 1st time and all in all within 4weeks. This will change my life forever and I will be eternally grateful to Alan callaghan for that. So thanks mate and see you soon.. Sarah xx 

Passed my test withAlan. Great instructor, willing to go the 'extra mile' (So to speak) with my mad schedule to organise lessons. Excellent preperation for the test. Would reccommend him to anyone. CheersAlan!


I passed first time with Pass Faster and with the help and guidance of my instructor. He was clear with instruction and constructive with his criticism. He was a brilliant instructor who made me look forward to every lesson. Always praised me when I had done well which is encouraging for a learner driver. Cannot fault the service fromAlan, amazing instructor who became my friend.

Thanks toalanfor being there when i needed you and really helping me pass my test! Would recommendalanto anyone really calm focused guy with the banter too which always helps!  :-D Never felt under pressure and made me feel confident in my ability all the time :-) Thanksalancouldnt of done it without you pal :-)





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Recently just passed, my instructor was John Dunn. Couldn't ask for a better instructor. Always on time, made me feel confident about my driving, and prepared me properly for my test. Definetely recommended.