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Car: Renault Clio Diesel
Areas covered: WA7/8, L24, L25, L26, L27, L19, L18, L17, L16, L15, L34, L35, L36, L8, L7, L9,L10,L11,L12,L13,L14,L20,L21,L23,L29,L30,L31,L32,L33,L34,L36



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Congratulations Rich Burnside on passing your driving test first time today at Norris Green test centre, stay safe on the roads mateπŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Congratulations Jess on passing your driving test this morning in Norris Green with just 1 driving fault, well done and stay safe on the roads hun,xπŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ‘

 I passed my test from the first time! My instructor was Colin Gavan and I don’t have enough words to thank him for everything he teach me and encouragement! Thank you a lot Colin and Passfaster! I would highly recommend you! 😊


 Congratulations to Ioana Antonica on passing her driving test this morning first time in Norris Green with Colin Gavan πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸ‘


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Charly Smith passed in Norris Green this morning first time with Colin Gavan


Congratulations John Paul Wright on passing your driving test this afternoon in Norris Green with only 2 driving faults, stay safe on the roads mate. Colin Gavan
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Name:: Chloe
Instructor name:: Colin Gavan
Your testimonial:: Passed my test today with just 4 driving faults after failing my 1st attempt & I can't thank Colin enough for all his support and encouragement throughout my lessons I wouldn't have ever of achieved it without the support he continued to give me. Would highly recommend Colin to anyone wanting to start their driving lessons. Thank you Colin


Your Name:: Adrian Delves
Instructor Name:: Colin Gavan
Your Testimonial:: Colin was a great teacher, and helped me navigate through the series of actions that make up driving a car. I wasn't always helping myself, through lack of concentration, for one thing, but Colin kept me focussed, and gave me the confidence to make it happen by myself. He even came the very next day, after being in a very serious accident, to ensure I had all the knowledge, and understanding, I would need, to pass my test. I did that at the first time of asking, and with just 25 lessons from Colin.


Your Name:: Michelle Smullen
Instructor Name:: Colin Gavan
Your Testimonial:: Just want to say a massive thank you to Colin! Hes is honestly the best instructor ever, hes so nice, patient and helpful and puts you at ease so much. I passed my test first time and I could'nt of done it without Col. The methods he uses are brilliant, he really is a calming influence when I was nervous or unsure on something. Hes a great driving instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone!


Name:: Danny Gardiner
Instructor Name:: Colin Gavan
Your Testimonial:: Just passed test in St Helens with only 5 faults! I had, had 10 lessons before a few years ago. and needed to pass my test quick! Colin took me on short notice and after only 8 lessons with him I could drive, confidently! Colin is very patient and his methods really good as I picked them up straight away! I would defiantly recommend him!


Passed today with uncle col!! Colin has the patients of a saint especially putting up with my more docile moments simplified everything and most importantly helped me to slow everything down can't fault his skills or ability to keep me and everything calm and safe best instructor by far if passing your test is what you want then definitely give Colin/ pass faster a go because if I can do it anyone can! Thanks again col!! still got a huge cheesy on my face. BEEP BEEP Jodie


Just passed my test first time ,having done only 10 hours of lessons with Colin, he is a great instructor and I would recommend anyone to do this course with him as he is understanding and very patient, thanks Colin! Ryan


Name: Ryan Muncaster
Testimonial: Thank you to Colin, go me through my test first time, worked really hard and was everything I expected in an instructor, couldn\'t have done it without him!


Name: Jack keegan
Instructor: Collin Gavan
Testimonial: Passed my test today after 7 hours of lessons with my instructor Colin, from Pass Faster. Would advise anyone to book lessons with him as he makes you feel at ease during lessons, and really does all he can to make sure you pass. Would recommend a Pass Faster course as you get better value for money


The biggest thankyou ever to my driving instructor 'uncle col' for being patient with me and getting me passed first time after only 17-18 hours! He is never late and always comes with a smile. I wouldn\'t recommend any other instructor but Colin, he's fantastic and always makes you feel at ease! Thankyou so much :) Olivia Jones


"Thanx col for turning hopeless into a driver.great lessons great fun.will recomend to everyone tar mate.tucker"


Excellent instuctor, clear instructions, i enjoyed every lesson with him and felt very comfortable. Colin is fantastic in the way he gets his point across to without any problems. I always remember his rhymes in my head that helped me massively if i was unsure about anything. When i was getting things wrong he would always remain calm and come up with perfect strategies, which amazingly worked wounders. I would reccomend strongly to take lessons with colin. He is professional and a nice man! Daniel Woosey


A massive thank you to Colin and the rest of the team at Passfaster. Great tutor, with a friendly and understanding service without a huge cost.


Great instructor learned to drive quickly and passed. Thanks, Lauren Beckett


Big thank you to Colin! Passed my test second time. Colin was great, easy to talk to and has a lot of patience! Arranged lessons with me to suit my schedule. I would recommend him to anyone! Thanks again Col! Hannah Barker


I passed my test yesterday with Colin! I would like to thank him for all of his help along the way and getting me to the standard to pass. I never thought I would drive but plucked up the confidence and booked my lessons in bulk and started in October - its took me two months to learn. I genuinely don\'t think I would've done it so quickly with anyone else. Colin stuck with me through all of my scatty mistakes and clumsy lessons and was adamant he would get me through before Christmas. And he did just that :) cheers mate! Tania Lambert


I did the pass fast course and a huge thanks goes to Colin my instructor who got me through the week. I\'m glad to say I passed first time :-) Thanks mate (Colin) I'd highly recommend anyone to take this course as it was the best option for me to pass my test with working away! Thanks again to Colin. Stephen Jones


Big thanks to Colin gavan just passed my driving test with a clean sheet an only had 5 lessons could not ask for much more would recommend Colin to any one lookin to pass ther test.


Passed my test a few days ago, first time with only four minors, Colin was great and taught me well. Would highly recommend him to anyone new to driving that would like to pass quickly. Thankyou again Colin.


Having failed a test a few years ago, I came to Passfaster with very little confidence on the road. Colin however soon changed that and I would recommend him to anyone! He stayed calm throughout and has the patience of a saint! Even at times when I was having a moan and ready to give up, he encouraged me through and we did it!! If he can teach me, he can teach anyone!! Thanks again Col- Will be in touch to do the pass plus soon x


Just passed my crash course 1st time today in 20 lessons thanks to Colin Gavan! Great instructor, explained everything clearly and to the point, would definately recommend him to anyone. Cheers again Col! John Disley


Name: kayleigh jones
Instructor: colin gavin
Testimonial: I done a 40 hour course with col and passed my test first time ! My confidence and driving skills were not up to scratch when I started the course but Colin helped me a lot ! Thank you so much col I will recommend you to anyone and everyone I can !! Kayleigh x


I just want to say a massive thank you to collin Gavin !! I had 28 lessons with him and passed first time with only 3 minors!! cols methods of driving were really easy and helpful and he makes sure you get it to perfection before your big test!! hes a great driving instructor and I recommend him to ANYONE! thanks for your patience col really enjoyed driving with you! steph Rogers :)


Hi, Chris I would just like to thank you and Colin Gavin for helping me pass my driving test within good time aswell, Colin was brilliant and helped me prepare for my test, which I passed with ease because of Colin\'s preparation, I will recommend any newcomer drivers to your company. Many thanks


I will highly recommend PassFaster to anyone who needs help learning how to drive. Colin was patient, detailed and thorough in his instruction and helped ensure I passed my test at the 1st try! Thanks soo much :D


Testimonial: Just want to say a big thank you to Colin who got me through my test first time on a 20 hour passfast course! It only took 3 and a half weeks! I wasn\'t a very confident driver to start with but Colin made sure I was confident on the roads. Absolutely over the moon. Thanks again! Jennie Dorgan


ABSOLUTELY OVER THE MOON - PASSED WITH A CLEAN SHEET! YES NO MINORS! Colin is a brilliant, cheerful and well experienced tutor who taught me everything I needed to know in a 20 hour crash course. He wants you to pass and makes you believe you can!


I was very surprised that I passed with no minors, but Colin made sure in the hour before my test that we had gone over everything and I was going to be fine - which happened to be more than just fine!


Thanks very much to Passfaster and especially Colin for putting up with me.


Just a big thank you to Colin in helping me over the months. Being patience and learning me everything i needed to know. Passedme test first time around :)


I just want to say thank u for all the help I was given off col and ur self to get through my test I did it first go could not off done it with ou ur quality tuition thanks agen stephen hammond


Well pleased with passfaster phoned up to pay and had my licence a week later thanks to my brilliant instructor ,nice 1 Collin , Darren doran


I would like to thank Colin Gavin for taking the time to teach me to drive it has been a long road but Colin was fantastic never lost faith and in the end i think i taught him a few things ha ha its my girlfriends turn next and the only person i would trust to teach her is Colin so big thank and i will see you out and about but not in norris green. Regards, John Day


Passed driving test today with Colin Gavan, would highly recommend goin with him as he makes learning fun! He has a brilliant personality and gave me the confidence to drive after taking lessons 9 yrs ago! Passed with a 10hr block booking! Thanks col xx Hollie


I am very happy to say I have passed my test today with the help of col, he made me feel at ease and I would recommend col to anyone thanks again col. Claire ashton


So happy with my driving instructor Colin passed my test thankyou


Just like to say a big thank you to one of your drivers Colin Gavan, I haven\'t been with him too long and he managed to help me pass first time today much appreciated thank yo, Jade Mcnicholas


Just want to leave a comment saying a big thanks to Colin Gavan for helping me pass my test, he\'s an ace instructor and I passed first time thanks to him. Sam Robinson


Passed my test today , over the moon Col was amazin really chilled and laid back, recomend to anyone !! put up with my moods and got me through it all thankyou!!!! x Katie Johnson


Passed my test last week. Massive thanks to Colin who helped me feel confident and tutors in a very calm, considered manner. Would definitely recommend Passfaster and Colin as an instructor. Johnathon Durrant


Thanks to Colin I passed my test 1st time today, Colin made me feel at ease and confident. Thank you for all your help and guidance your are amazing instructor. Danielle Evans


After taking lessons with two previous instructors I felt I was getting nowhere. But in a matter of weeks of tuition with Colin I felt more confident and passed my test first time. His laid back approach made driving enjoyable and not a chore. I would recommend anyone to learn with Colin! Siobhan O'Keefe.


I passed my test yesterday thanks to Colin. Hes a wonderful instructor with patients of a SAINT and a laid back attitude towards teaching that really helps the learner progress fast. I would highly recommend Colin to anybody learning to drive. Dave


Colin taught me to drive, and if he can teach me to drive, he can teach ANYONE to drive! Flexible, approachable, friendly and patient, I would recommend him to anyone; a great teacher! Lyndsey Deakin


Thanks for the best instructor ever he made me pass from first test and he is very good learner and I recomend any one want to get lesson should get it with him . Thanks again colin and have nice holiday with ur family Motaz Ezwai


I would just like to say thank you to Colin Gavan. Even though I did not pass my test today and despite him having his work cut out teaching me in just 10 hours he really helped boost my confidence and I am really pleased with the end result. I failed because I was too close to parked vehicles whereas at the beginning there was a wide variety of errors and omissions which therefore demonstrates that I have improved with his help. I would highly recommend Colin. Thank you for everything. Robert Humphries


Colin was a great instructor who helped me pass my test. I would recommend Colin to anyone. Thanks Colin! :0)




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Recently just passed, my instructor was John Dunn. Couldn't ask for a better instructor. Always on time, made me feel confident about my driving, and prepared me properly for my test. Definetely recommended.