Jackie Wood (Female)

Adi Number: 101434
Car: Nissan Micra
Areas covered: L1,L3, L6L7,L8,L14,L15,L16,L17,L18,L19L24,L25,L27



ste nicholls
 olivia jones 1
I passed first time with Jackie Wood she gave me the confidence to be a good driver, ensured I understood all aspects of driving and made me feel very comfortable. Beth
Had jackie wood for an instructor after being recommended by a friend. Failed my test twice before her with another instructor but passed first time with her. Really good teacher and very understanding. Highly recommend, Connor King
Congratulations Charlotte on passing your test with Jackie Wood
Well done Clare Hinds passing 1st time on a Passfaster guaranteed pass course with Jackie Wood.
clare hinds
Congratulations Kim on passing your test with Jackie Wood
Congratulations Tom Hale on Passing your test with Jackie Wood.
tom hale
Congratulations Adam Liggett on passing your test 1st time with Jackie Wood
adam liggett
I completed a 35hr course with Jackie and passed first time, I really enjoyed learning with Jackie she gave me the confidence when I needed it and supported me the whole way through. Thank you!! Georgia Elkin
I requested Jackie having read testimonials from other nervous older learners. She is a great teacher, she's supportive, expert and knows when to reassure and when to push. She pinpoints exactly what you need to do to improve and gives positive precise feedback. She also knows the test routes and examiners really well and makes sure you know exactly what to expect on the test, and was almost as pleased as I was when I passed! I definitely recommend Jackie if you want to be taught to be a good safe driver not just to pass your test.
Judi Turner
Congtaulations Georgia Elkin on passing your test with Jackie Wood 1st time after doing a 35hr guaranteed pass course.
georgia elkin
Congratulations Marek Smagala on passing your test with Jackie Wood
Merk Smagala test pass
Chenee-Lee Nicholls
I took lessons and passed with my instructor Jackie! She explains everything so well and was so patient with me. Her calm manner makes you feel really comfortable in the car. My brother also took lessons and passed with her, and I’ll be recommending to my other brother. Thank you so much Jackie! :)
Name:: Ste Nicks
Instructor name:: Jackie
Your testimonial:: Passed first time today and can't thank this lady enough. Brilliant instructor and has a really nice calming aura about her. Very informative and her teaching style is multi-dimensional. Didn't take me long to get up to test standard..
Again, thanks Jackie!
Name:: Bethan
Instructor name:: Jackie
Your testimonial:: I was a very nervous driver and Jackie put me at ease straight away. She always knew what to do to help you improve and her methods made learning really really easy. She knows her students strengths and helps them to improve their weakness. Thanks to Jackie, I passed my driving test first time! She's Amazing!!!
Name:: Jen
Instructor name:: Jackie
Your testimonial:: I passed my test at the beginning of March after about 10-12 lessons with my instructor Jackie. Jackie is a brilliant instructor, very patient but motivating, she made sure i got the best out of every lesson and calmed me down when it came to the test day. I couldn't recommend her more if you are starting your lessons, she was amazing!! Jen
Name:: Jonathan Wharmby
Instructor name:: Jackie
Your testimonial:: I took a Fast pass driving course consisting of 20 hours of driving. Having not driven for well over 5 years I was expectedly nervous about getting back behind the wheel, Jackie's friendly, calming approach put me right at ease and the 20 hours flew by. I passed my test with only 3 minors and can honestly say I am now a happy confident driver! - I would defiantly recommend.
Thanks Jackie
Matthew Crowley
Instructor name:: Jackie
Your testimonial:: Jackie was a wonderful instructor. She built my confidence with driving and even had me enjoying my lessons. She was always very patient yet pushed me to make progress. The the DVSA Guide was always on hand to explain anything I didn't understand,along with a piece of paper to help with junctions and road markings. I can't recommend Jackie highly enough!

Instructor name:: Jackie
Your testimonial:: Just passed first time with 3 minors with Jackie as my instructor after previously failing 3 tests with a different instructor over a year ago. Brilliant instructor, learnt so much with her in my lessons, always patient and encouraging, helped me so much with my nerves and confidence and got me upto test standard in 10 hours. Wish I'd found her sooner, thankyou so much!!


Name:: J L Fisher
Instructor name:: Jackie
Your testimonial:: Jackie was a wonderful instructor, her attention to detail on my driving and the focus of making me a safe driver has in no doubt aided me in passing my test. Jackie was very caring and easy to get along with instructor I believe this is vital when learning to drive. You need a good relationship with your instructor so the advice and criticism you are given you do not take personally and is instead taken in a constructive manner. One other great quality of passfaster and Jackie as an instructor is her honesty with you. She will tell when you are doing well and what needs to developed. She is always ready with the DVSA Guide and lined paper to illustrate her points and advice. These attributes and techniques used via the tutorage of Jackie has allowed me to pass my test with only 3 minors. This was after years of on and off lesson due to other commitments. Her easy talking and sheer positiveness was the reason I kept her number and kept asking for more lessons.


Name:: Benjamin Jones
Instructor name:: Jackie Flaherty
Your testimonial:: In total I only needed 15 lessons with Jackie to pass my test. She was very friendly but was also very good at being strict when needed to make sure I improved. I was very satisfied with Jackies approach and would not hesitate to recommend her to others wanting to learn. You feel at ease with Jackie, she has the right ratio of friendly to professional!


Name:: Robert Owen
Instructor name:: Jackie Flaherty
Your testimonial:: I would like to thank Jackie for helping me pass my test first time today, after being recommended by a family friend. Her diagrams are great and she is very supportive, especially at the times I wasn't feeling so confident. Thanks Jackie


Name:: Niall Makin
Instructor name:: Jackie Flaherty
Your testimonial:: Jackie is an amazing driving instructor, not only does she explain everything to you very clearly and effectively to pass the test but also teaches you to become a conscientious driver, so that you will be able to approach any situation on the road confidently. And thanks to Jackie, I passed first time, I'd recommend her to anyone.


Name:: Myah Skeete
Instructor name:: Jackie Flaherty
Your testimonial:: I passed my driving test first time today, with Jackies help. I cant thank Jackie enough for believing in me when I never believed in myself and giving me the confidence and help I needed to pass! Jackie gave me 100% commitment and took her time to help me understand what I was doing right aswell as wrong and how to correct it! I would recommend Jackie to anyone and hopefully to my younger my sister who will be learning in two years, fingers crossed Jackie has a space for her!


Name:: Liam kenwright
Instructor name:: Jackie
Your testimonial:: Just would like to say a big thank you to Jackie for helping me with my lessons, she is a very good teacher even though I wasn't the best student! She explains things well with her little diagrams on her notepad, is calm and very patient. I managed to somehow pass my test first time so I owe it to this lovely little lady, thanks a bunch!


Name:: Ashley Lee
Instructor name:: Jackie Flaherty
Your testimonial:: Jackie is a fabulous instructor who is so friendly and makes you feel comfortable and at ease in the car straight away. I was a nervous and unconfident driver but with Jackie's help, my confidence has grown and I passed my test today with only 2 minors! With endless amounts of patience, Jackie always explained things as many times as I needed her to, using diagrams and recapping tricky routes and manoeuvres to reassure me. She is extremely committed to her students and I felt like she really cared about my progress. I'll miss my weekly lessons and chats with Jackie - thank you so much, I now have the freedom to go out with my little girl instead of getting the bus! x


Name:: Becky
Instructor name:: Jackie Flarherty
Your testimonial:: I would highly recommend Jackie she was an absolutely brilliant instructor! I was a complete novice, never driven a car in my 32 years so was very nervous but she was so patient and really helped to build my confidence up! She is very friendly and put me at ease straight away, thanks for putting up with me Jackie!! xx


Name:: Danny
Instructor name:: Jackie Flaherty
Your testimonial:: I passed on my first attempt after taking lessons with Jackie. I began very nervous and thought it would take an age to be confident enough to be on the road. However, by the end of my second lesson I was on the road and my confidence grew larger with each lesson and I felt safe behind the wheel from the beginning. Jackie had a lot of patience for my mistakes and would always highlight any issues I had meaning they would be quickly eradicated. I felt Jackie was 100% committed to me learning to drive and I always looked forward to my lessons each week. Being taught by Jackie felt like being taught by a friend which made the whole process enjoyable and I looked forward to every lesson. For anyone who wants to become a good driver and learn in a positive, friendly environment I could not recommend Jackie enough. Thank you for all your help Jackie!


Your Name:: Philippa
Instructor Name:: Jackie Flaherty
Your Testimonial:: I passed my driving test for the FIRST time on Saturday!! And couldn't have done it without Jackies help!! Jackie was recommended to me by family members as she has taught my cousins, aunties and soon my sister, who have all passed first time! She has supported me so much from day 1 and I cant thank her enough for believing in me and giving me the patience, guidance and help I needed to pass! Jackie gives her pupils 100% commitment and totally understands how beginners can be so nervous and therefore by being a constructive, positive and caring/friendly person I was able to build up my confidence on the road! Even if I thought I hadn't driven well on my lesson she would always end it on a positive!! And making me feel better and therefore I just couldn't wait for my next lesson! The best driving instructor I could wish for and will miss her now that I'm not a learner! My lessons were always enjoyable and proven to be successful! I couldn't recommend Jackie enough for anyone who is wanting to learn to drive! Thank you so much, again x x


Your Name:: Liam
Instructor Name:: Jackie Flaherty
Your Testimonial:: I passed my test today 1st time and received 7 minors. Many thanks to Jackie Flaherty for believing in me and giving me plenty of tuition in order for me to do what's required to pass the driving test. Jackie is very friendly, honest and very caring about her students. The best advice i could give anyone would be to look on google maps at the DSA test routes for your area so you know all the roads and can deal with them accordingly. I would definitely recommend Jackie, she gives you plenty of advice and draws out diagrams to help you understand how to correct your mistakes. Thank you very much. Liam.


For prospective students considering which Passfaster instructor to choose I cannot recommend Jackie highly enough. Jackie is a reliable and accommodating instructor who is fully committed to her students. Her patience, support and guidance helped build my confidence and knowledge, as well as her friendly nature and sense of humour ensuring my lessons were always enjoyable. Jen x


Jackie Flaherty is the single most constructive, positive and supportive driving instructor you could hope for!
I passed my test last week and I miss her already, she's a lovely person, always friendly and approachable.. When you're finding something difficult, you really need someone like Jackie who cares about you learning it right! I'd already had a bad experience with a previous driving instructor, so I know how important it is to have someone as good as Jackie.


For anyone else like me, learning to drive was difficult and a few times I wanted to give up! Jackie never stressed me, she gave me room to breathe but also made sure I learned EVERYTHING to a really high standard. I passed first time, and I know I'm a safe and confident driver. All thanks to Jackie. I can't thank Jackie and the Passfaster team enough. Lyd x


Hello, I'd like to submit a testimonial fir my experience with Jackie. Jackie has been incredible, her inexhaustable paitience combined with her careful guidance has meant that, despite being under alot of pressure to pass (due to my job) I not only passed but I also feel confident that I am a well-rounded, efficient driver that can now drive to work every day worry free. I'll be forever grateful for all of her hard work and commitment. Thanks Jackie, you've been a star! Mark A


Jackie was great, i learned to drive and passed my test within 4 weeks. I'm positive that her clear instruction and her patient, friendly demeanour are to thank for this. Thanks Jackie, see you soon for my pass plus! :) Thanks again, Steven.


A big thank you to Jackie for helping me to finally pass my test! Having already failed (more than once!), I wasn't a confident driver, but she worked on my weak points with me and built up my confidence. Yesterday I passed my test with only two minor faults! Thank you so much Jackie :) Megan


Jackie has been incredible, her inexhaustable paitience combined with her careful guidance has meant that, despite being under alot of pressure to pass (due to my job) I not only passed but I also feel confident that I am a well-rounded, efficient driver that can now drive to work every day worry free.


I'll be forever grateful for all of her hard work and commitment. Thanks Jackie, you've been a star! Mark A.


A big thank you to Jackie for giving me the knowledge and confidence of being on the road which helped me pass my test first time with no minors. You encouraged me and supported me during my lessons and I now feel confident and safe on the road by myself. A big thank you once again. Graham.


I cannot speak highly enough of Jackie. She is an outstanding instructor. I felt at ease in the car from day one. She is easy-going, supportive, calm and with a great sense of humour to boot. I feel as if I have been taught to the highest possible standard - no cutting corners. I passed my test first time and I have Jackie to thank entirely for this. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jackie to anyone!


Jackie is a very skilled instructor, with lots of experience. She comforted me when I thought I couldn't do it, very supporting. A big thank you for helping me pass first time!! Highly recommended! Grace O'Malley.


Jackie is amazing , she's warm friendly and helps you more than any instructor I've ever had , she is an asset to passfaster, I passed today and it's all because of Jackie!!! Honestly you couldnt ask for a better instructor. Sandra


Thank you Jackie for teaching me to drive. You are a very patient and chilled out instructor and with your help I was confident that i would pass first time. I have already recommended you to a couple of friends. I told them how good of an instructor you are and how you made me feel relaxed whilst learning. I was really pleased that i was able to pass first time! Thanks Jackie!! Thomas Eyre


I passed first time today! Thank you very much to Jackie, who has been very patient with me, she always ensured I understood instructions clearly and gave me the confidence to go for it! I can't thank her enough and look forward to doing the Pass plus course with her. Rachael x x


Jackie was extremely calm, made me feel at ease and helped to build my confidence. I definitely couldn't have done it without her! I\'ve had other instructors in the past, but the difference is that Jackie really explained things to me clearly and patiently. So pleased to have passed. Thanks so much Jackie! xx Catherine Flynn.


Would like to say a big thank you to my instructor Jackie for helping me pass my test :) She was friendly, patient and always able to fit me in for lessons. She went over everything in detail so I felt at ease, a pleasure to learn to drive with! I will be recommending her to my friends.


I passed my driving test first time thanks to Jackie. Amazing teacher who gave me the confidence I needed to be a successful driver. She has been really patient with me as I was a really nervous driver from day one and would always explain things again and again until she knew I understood,Would love to have hired jackie to sit in my car permanently! will miss having her as my teacher, couldn\'t of passed without her, thanks Jackie! Emily xxxxxx


I could not be happier. I passed first time today thanks to Jackie! I\'ve had 4 instructors altogether and she was by far the best. She gave me confidence and taught me such simple ways of doing things. She kept calm and relaxed at all times, which puts the learner at ease. I will definitely be recommending her. Thanks so much Jackie! You deserve a medal! Will miss you, Zoe.


I passed driving test first time yesterday and it is thanks to Jackie Flaherty! Before I started driving I was worried in case I didn’t like my instructor because that would have put me off driving, but Jackie is an amazing instructor who made me feel comfortable in the car. Jackie tailored my lessons to what she knew my weaknesses were and how I needed to improve to get me to the standard I needed to be at to pass. I would recommend Jackie to anyone as she is such a lovely person, a brilliant confidence builder and she made my lessons enjoyable. Hollie Marsden


Name: Rabeeah Instructor: Jackie Flathery
Testimonial: THANKYOU SO MUCH JACKIE! I passed my test today and Jackie I couldn\'t have done it without u. Thankyou very much n thanks for the support. I wud definetly recommend Jackie, she is a lovely woman and a great instructor. Jackie made me feel like a very confident driver and supported me the whole way through. Jackie is always there to go over anything you are unsure with. She has a great skill of teaching u with an easy method. Can\'t thank you enough. Will definetly recommend you to others! Your a star. Xxxxxxx


I have recently passed my driving test and took my driving lessons with Jackie Flaherty who I can not thank enough. Jackie has, as I told her on many occasions the patience of a saint as I have a habbit of over thinking things or situations and would want to go over that thing until it was crystal clear. Jackie was always happy to go over anything with me time and time and time again!! I felt comfortable with Jackie very quickly after just a few lessons as she is so friendly and gives you praise as you achieve your goals and start to come on. Jackie will tell you when you need to improve etc and I felt she really does want her pupils to pass their test just as much as they do. I am so happy to have passed my test first time and I am enjoying being a new driver, sometimes its intense having driving lessons but soooo worth it when you succeed, the only thing is i miss Jackie! Thank you Jackie you are such a lovely person and obviously fabulous at you job.. Bernice Oconner xxxxxx


Jackie has been a brilliant driving instructor and has really helped me build my confidence up. She has been really patient with me and has explained things so that they are really understandable. She has been so encouraging and without her I wouldn\'t have taken my test and passed first time! I would not feel confident driving not only to pass a test but for the future as well. I have really enjoyed learning to drive with Jackie and I would highly recommend her! Thanks so much Jackie, Rebecca xxx


I'd like to thank Jackie so so so much for helping me pass my test first time, my friend recommended me to her because I needed somebody with a loooottttt of patience. I made silly little mistakes a lot, and panicked over things but she always went through things again with me and calmed me down. She helped me realise and overcome my habits too which was a huge help. I was learning for about 10 months, and up until about the 8 month mark I didn't have a lot of confidence but I began to feel better after every lesson. I'd recommend Jackie to anybody really, I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Thankyou so much Jackie, Becki Clarkson xxxx


I would just like to thank Jackie Flaherty very much for helping me to PASS MY DRIVING TEST. I am so pleased. I actually applied for my Provisional Licence about 20 years ago and had about 9 lessons around 16 years ago but did not carry on with the lessons due to certain things going on in my life and then I gave up. Last year I retired from work and decided to take driving lessons again. I was not sure if anyone would take me on at my age (62) but I telephoned Jackie and she decided to take me on with no problem. Jackie has been very patient with me and built up my confidence. She made me feel relaxed and gave me lots of reassurance. I told her I gave up my lessons last time and she said she would not give up on me and she would not let me give up this time which she didn't. I failed my first Driving Test through a stupid move on my behalf which I knew about but Jackie was right there to give me the confidence to carry on and she said I was a good driver which I doubted. Anyway through Jackie and youorself Chris at the Passfaster office who managed to get me an early cancellation date for me to sit my test again which I did on 12th March 2013 and I PASSED. I would like to thank Jackie for all her help and understand and reassurance that she gave me throughout all my lessons. I will be 63 this year and am so proud that I have finally done it PASSED MY DRIVING TEST and also my son and my husband are very proud of me for passing ‘at my age' My son and husband keep telling people they know that their ‘wife, mother' has just passed her test at my age!!!! it just goes to show that age does not matter sometimes if you really want something just go for it. Thanks again Jackie xxx Regards Carol Gallagher.


I am writing this email regarding my driving instructor Jackie. I have just passed my test and would like to thank Jackie for how fantastic an instructor she is. I originally learned with two other instructors, one from Liverpool and another from another city a few years ago. Both of those instructors left a negative impact on my driving confidence and skills. Jackie is an excellent instructor with well developed skills in communicating how to drive, not just to pass the test but safely for life. I am so pleased I decided to learn again and I would recommend Jackie from the Pass faster driving school to all family and friends when they want to learn to drive.


Please feel free to use this email on your website as a public review as I am happy to share the great experience I have had. Yours Sincerely, Emma Sanderson.


I would like to thank Jackie for her patience and skill in teaching me to drive. I have just completed an intensive driving course with her which started on Monday and finished with my test today........and I PASSED! I had no previous driving experience my mum and dad don,t even drive which just proves what a fantastic instructor she is! THANK YOU. Sarah Hutch.


What can I say about Jackie....apart from how amazing, supportive, professional and friendly she is, Jackie helped me with every aspect of driving and explained everything thoroughly for me to fully understand. Being quite a nervous student Jackies reassurance and guidance was comforting and made me believe i could pass, now thanks to Jackie i have my lovely new car and im just gutted i don\'t get to see her as often, she is an absolute diamond and would recommend her to EVERYONE shes fantastic!!!! Kayley Hampton.


I had a bad experience when I was 17 with a driving instructor who was very abrupt and not very encouraging. He occassionally grabbed the steering wheel without warning and on my last lesson he drove us up onto a roundabout! I ended up giving up after a few weeks feeling very deflated and did not go back to driving for years as my experience had really affected my confidence and I was convinced that I just wouldn\'t be able to learn to drive, never mind pass a test.


I had a mental block with driving for many years, briefly trying to learn again when I was 22 but again gave up as I lacked confidence. When I fell pregnant at 32 I decided I had to learn to drive and started lessons with Jackie, from my first lesson I felt that she took things at my pace, taking into account my fears and lack of confidence. She was encouraging, explained things thoroughly, and made me feel at ease. I was still nervous and often approached lessons with trepidation, but saw a steady improvement and Jackie continually made sure to point out how far I had come and how much I was improving. I still didn\'t believe I could do it but Jackie wouldn\'t let me give up. She made me feel like she really cared as to whether I passed and her belief in me spurred me on. The feeling I had when the examiner told me I had passed was indescribable! I never thought it would happen and couldn\'t have done it without Jackie.Thanks so so much.You have changed my life as I am now going to be a mobile mum and it\'s because you didn\'t let me give up. :) Samantha Price


I would just like to say a big big thank you to jackie she was so supportive ,patiet,encouraging,i would recomment this lady to anyone she is simply the best ,iv been with another instructor years ago and gave up because i fell used.i met jackie and she has change me and my familys lifes ,she understood how much i needed to pass my test for my two boys and she was there for me all the way ,always asking how i was and the boys were,i passed my test first time and we cryed together .i miss going on lessons with her now ,she still keep in touch to see how am doing ,iv loss an instructor and found a friend ,thank you from the my heart..xxx bev and the boys.


I am so happy that I passed my driving test first time with Jackie. She was the best driving instructor ever and I would recommend her to everyone who would like to learn how to drive. Jackie is so supportive during lessons, she was always on time for the lesson and always spoke through what we were going to do in the following lesson. Jackie was always smiling and was never nervous when i was driving. She always gave me tips about my driving so therefore I could improve. On the day of my test Jackie was supportive and helpful. I was so happy when I passed and so was she. I'm now going to book my Pass Plus with Jackie because I feel comfortable with Jackie when am in the car. Thank you for everything Jackie.


I did an intensive course with Jackie and passed first time! After years of learning to drive with different driving instructors and companies I decided to move to passfaster and do my lessons with a female instructor and it was the best decision I could have made. I am very thankful to jackie for getting me through the lessons and test and I literally couldnt have done it without her! Jackie is patient and explains everything perfectly. I would advise everyone who is learning to drive to move to passfaster! Thank you! Amy xxx


I am so happy! I have now finally passed first time with Jackie. Jackie gave me the confidence to drive again after failing two tests and having 40 lessons – I felt useless and had no self esteem in it. Jackie taught me to drive and not to pass a test, keeping me calm and steady: as I used to panic a lot and rushed everywhere. She fully explained everything and my dyslexia didn’t fault her at all, which is always comforting.


Now I’ve passed I genuinely feel ready to drive and feel confident on the road. Thank you so much I’m over the moon! Always Grateful, Phoebe Kennedy.


I would like to thank Jackie for all off her hard work, i never really wanted to learn to drive however its much more practical. i was actually really nervous especially on my first lesson Jackie was really friendly which made me feel more comfortable, i didnt take to driving that easily which was frustrating for me, Jackie was extremeley patient ang gave me the confidence to carry on when i wanted to give up. I eventully mastered all manovers and passed second time.


I'd had driving lessons with a different instructor and felt like i was never going to pass my test and gave up. I'd totally lost my confidence in driving so was reluctant to start all over again.


After having my daughter i decided to bite the bullet and take up lessons again. Thanks to Jackie my confidence was back after just a couple of lessons and I passed my test first time. If you want an instructor who makes you feel at ease and boosts your confidence then i highly recommend Jackie. Thanks Jackie.


I just wanted to express my gratitude to Jackie who helped me pass my Driving Test. Jackies approach was the right one, calm, patient and encouraging, which improved my confidence and enabled me to develop my driving skills. This gives me another string to my bow. A big thank you to all at Passfaster and Jackie in particular.


I first goggled Pass faster to enquire about a crash course at first which the service & help was brilliant. They informed me which would be the best course for me as i had previous 3 instructors’ which i seemed to be not learning Notting & had over 40 lessons all i wanted to do was pass & have my licence asap i informed pass faster about this & felt that they could help me do this. At first i thought am never going to pass my test it must be me, but then i was introduced to instructor Jackie she was great, friendly, and very down to earth which helped me ease not feel like i was doing an exam every time i got in the car she was very professional at her job but done it with great personality which helped me a lot, she made me feel confidence which the other drivers did not which i previously had. Some instructors are out to get a load of your money to keep telling you you need more & more lessons, well if you feel like this i strongly recommend Pass faster i Passed first go thanks to Jackie she was great help as an instructor & wonderful person, just what you need when other instructors are knocking your confidence.I passed my test in 2 and a half weeks with just going with pass faster great result & work by them.Pass faster are not out to grabbing your money they are out to make you PASS!!!!!


Thank you very much Jackie great instructor much appreciatedHighly recommended Thanks Sam xx


Jackie was recommended to me by a family friend and I will be recommending her to anyone who wishes to learn to drive. I learnt over the summer holidays and passed my test first time thanks to Jackie! I couldn’t ask for any more in a driving instructor – she was so friendly, patient, professional and helped me to fit lessons around any plans I had. I enjoyed my first lesson so much and couldn’t wait to get back on the road again. With her excellent approach to driving Jackie made me feel confident straight away and made everything so easy to understand. I am so glad I learnt with Jackie and couldn’t have passed first time without her expertise. I would definately recommend her to anyone looking for an instructor. Thank you so much Jackie.


I had not driven for over a year and had lost confidence in my driving. Jackie helped restore my confidence quite quickly. She was very patient and helped me feel relaxed while driving. She made sure I was thoroughly prepared for my test which I passed first time. I would gladly recommend her to anybody wanting to learn to drive.


I had several instructors in the past and I did not connect with any of them nor did I pass my test! I was looking to pass my test quickly and found Jackie through an internet search – from day one she resonated with me and I could understand what she was talking about – for the first time I actually felt confident behind the wheel. After only a few weeks I passed my test with flying colours! I would recommend Fasttrack to anyone wishing to learn to drive comfortably and competently with a committed and friendly instuctor and of course for anyone wishing to increase their chances of passing first time!


I hadn’t drove for a year and had lost my confidence but after a few weeks with Jackie I was ready to get back on the road. Recommended to me by a friend who passed after only a few monthsI was recommended to learn with Jackie by a family relative who knew someone at work who was learning with Jackie, and from the first lesson I knew that I had made the right choice. Not only did I learn everything that I needed to, I had so much fun. Jackie had a very friendly approach and gave me the confidence, which definitely helped me pass my test first time :) I would recommend her to anyone who wanted to learn to drive! Thanks Jackie.



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Recently just passed, my instructor was John Dunn. Couldn't ask for a better instructor. Always on time, made me feel confident about my driving, and prepared me properly for my test. Definetely recommended.