John Heuston

Adi Number: 277740
Car: Vauxhall Corsa (diesel) (Automatic)
Areas covered: L7, L8, L15, L16, L17, L18, L19, L24, L25, L26, L27


John Heuston - Driving instructor in Liverpool


maria jones
After failing two tests, I decided to give up on driving. After having children I felt it was something I needed to conquer. Thank god I was paired with John Heuston. He was so patient and encouraging. I honestly don't think I could've got through it with anyone else. I was so very fortunate to be paired with him. If you're reading this and desperate to start, ask for John, he will get you there. He will even make it fun.. Maria Jones


margi aytoun
Passed my test today after doing it quite a few times. Thanks to my instructor John Heuston who was really gentle and patient with me, he always encouraged me even when I was a pain in the a—e !! Thank God he didn’t give up on me when I wanted to give up on myself. I don’t think I would of passed if it wasn’t for him. So a big massive Thank you to (stay in ye lane John) and all at Passfaster 💪🙌💯 Margi Aytoun



kelly duncan

 Kelly Duncan who passed this morning in Speke with automatic instructor John Heuston.


Name: James Humphrey
Instructor: John Heuston

When i first got into the car for my first lesson with John, I must admit I was nervous, I said as soon as i got in the car, this is the first time I have ever tried to drive and I’m 36!

John managed to put me at ease very quickly, which took away the pressure.

John was really good at teaching and is very patient; his teaching is clear and put across in a way that makes it easy to pick up. Driving lessons were also made all the better as he is very down to earth and I could have a good laugh with him about things (Mainly what I was doing wrong).

I would highly recommend him to anyone regardless of your experience or inexperience.

I passed my test 1st time thanks to John!

Thank you  

Name:: pauline jones
Subject:: Testimonials
Message:: John Heuston. Cannot thank you enough !!!!!
Bitter sweet moment when i passed FIRST time with ONE minor (i didnt see that coming) You had every faith me.
i'm going to miss my Saturday morning fun drives.
Super friendly, funny and professional. I should never have doubted or made excuses to the wise words you used, it all makes sense. i admit you were "RIGHT" all along.
Was recommended by a friend and would highly recommend.
"beep beep"
Cherie Jones
Instructor name:: John Heuston
Your testimonial:: John was very patient, and taught me what I needed to know to pass my driving test. I have been driving in the US for 30 years, but needed to pass my UK test. John helped me to correct some of the bad habits I had picked up over years of driving and got me more experienced at navigating the much more challenging UK roads. I can highly recommend him as being friendly, very helpful and really knowledgeable as a driving instructor.
Name:: Ritika Das
Instructor name:: John Heuston
Your testimonial:: I sat my first attempt back at home right before moving back to Liverpool for uni and was not expecting to fail so it completely knocked my confidence. I was nervous about trying in Liverpool as I'd heard about how difficult it was. I was worried I would not be good enough to pass in Liverpool. John made sure not to leave any loose ends at the end of a lesson, ensuring I had got to grips with whatever skills or manoeuvres we were practising before finishing lessons. Above all, he helped me build back my confidence and reach the standard required for Liverpool. I am delighted to say I passed on my second attempt (first attempt in Liverpool) and cannot thank John enough for getting me through it!


Rebecca Richardson
I passed my test third time lucky a week ago with one of the best instructors John Heuston!!
I was a very nervous driver, I had lack of confidence in myself and I got quite overwhelmed sometimes, but John understood all of this and was patient with me and knew what to say to give me the confidence boost I needed!
John is patient, reliable, understanding and professional! He was very professional but we could have a laugh and a joke and he kept my confidence increasing whilst driving!
He taught me everything I needed to know thoroughly and kept me going even when I lacked confidence! He worked around my very busy work hours! He is an amazing instructor and I can't thank him enough for all of his support and guidance, I will be forever greatful! My brother is now taking driving lessons with John and is ready to book his test in! Thank you John and thank you to passfaster, highly recommended!

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Recently just passed, my instructor was John Dunn. Couldn't ask for a better instructor. Always on time, made me feel confident about my driving, and prepared me properly for my test. Definetely recommended.