John Keehner

Adi Number:       329328
Car:                    Ford Fiesta (diesel)
Areas covered:   L9,L10,L11,L12,L13,L14,L20,L21,L23,L29,L30,L31,L32,L33,L34,L36, L37, L38, L39, L40, WN8




I had John kheener and he was the best, most patient instructor I have ever had. I took my first test 10 years ago and after failing I was to nervous to do it until now. He made me feel very comfortable and explained things so clearly he actually made it all feel easy! Today after 10 years of putting it off I passed my test!! And I owe that all to him! Would highly recommend pass faster and John!
 Booked 20 hours with John Keehner after having failed my test twice before a few years ago. Passed with no problems. John is a fantastic teacher and all round great guy. Made me feel confident, relaxed and made sure I focused! Couldn't be happier with John as an instructor. Thanks a lot John. All the best xx
Mikey Williams
 Had a 20 hour crash course of lessons with John Keehner after a shaky start came through with flying colours passed first time with only three minor faults . Can't thank John enough he has the patience of a saint and his driving knowledge is second to non. Thank you John. 🤓
I can’t recommend passfaster enough, I did 35hrs over 9 days, And had John Keehner as my instructor.....he was amazing, he put me at ease and made me feel comfortable from the very beginning. If anyone can get you ready to pass your test it’s John, he is such a good teacher and his lessons are fun and informative. I passed first time and I owe it all to John.....I highly recommend getting a fastpass course and John as an instructor!! If your thinking about doing it, go for it!!! It’s the best thing you will ever do
I had John Keehner for my pass fast course which consisted of 6 x 5 hour lessons. John is patient, kind and gives you great advice whilst you’re driving. He puts you at ease when you’re nervous. I can’t thank John enough. I have gone from having no driving experience to a licensed driver in just over a week. I would highly recommend him for those who want to pass in a short space of time. Thank you again John!
Excellent, John helped me pass and would highly recommend.

Name: Darby Griffiths
Instructor : John Keehner

I couldn’t recommend John enough, I done a 20 hour crash course with him! He made me feel so at ease. At first I was so nervous after my first lesson but come my 3rd lesson I felt ready for my test! I passed 1st time !! Couldn’t of done it without him thank you so much !!

John Keehner has been extreamly patient and fun to learn with. I really cannot thank him enough - Kelly Highton
I would recommend John Keehner to anyone, helped me a lot with passing my test. Has the time and patients with you - Dean Morrison
I would like to thank John Keehner for his patience with me. I didn't think that I would able to pass first time. John told me to believe in myself. He is very reliable I would definitely recommend him - Hannah Radford
I passed 1st time. I wouldn't of been able to do it without John Keehner. He taught me everything I needed to know would definitely recommend - Ben Pybus
John Keehner is brilliant instructor. He has a great style of instruction. He made me feel relaxed I passed first time with johns brilliant instruction skills and techniques Thank you - Rachel
Thank you so much for everything! Not only did John Keehner help me to pass the driving test, He also increased my confidence. He is quite a funny guy, Great teacher Thanks again - Mark Custley
John Keehner is an excellent instructor. He was very patient with me and encouraged me throughout my driving lessons. He is always open to questions works well with your schedule - John Stafford
John Keehner has helped me to become a better driver He has learnt me lots of new things to become better. He helped me so I finally passed my driving test and made me feel comfortable while driving - Ryan Williams
I had great fun learning to drive with John Keehner. He is very patient and helpful. I passed 1st time. I would definitely John to anyone wanting driving lessons - Ryan Tregilgas
John Keehner is an extremely good instructor I would highly recommend to anybody. He made driving feel comfortable. He is easy to get along with. 10/10 - Michael Mulligan
John Keehner is a fantastic instructor. He made me feel at ease and comfortable. I will definitely recommend - Kelly Davies
I definitely recommend John Keehner for driving lessons. He is very patient and knowledgeable I had lot's of fun whist learning too! - Sam Bradley
I had such a great time doing my Pass Plus with John Keehner. I feel so much more confident on the roads now. I definitely recommend doing the pass plus with John - Jen Corrigan
John Keehner is a fantastic driving instructor. He make you feel comfortable and it was enjoyable too. Which I have never had before. I can't thank him enough - Cassie Nairn
I AM SO HAPPY John is the best driving instructor I've had I've had a few I thank you John Keehner for giving me the confidence to finally take my test and pass first time - Vicky Sweeny
John Keehner is an excellent driving instructor. He assured that I was well prepared for my driving test. Very helpful and supportive to me allowing me to pass at my fist attempt - James Lowry
John Keehner was great with getting me ready for my driving test. Lots of help which allowed me to pass first time - Matthew Provost

I've had a brilliant time learning from John Keehner at Passfaster. From start to finish I felt secure and relaxed while I was driving. I passed first time with 0 driving faults, it's safe to say I would recommend John to anyone. Many Thanks Tom Spencer

John Prepared me thoroughly for my test in an extremely short time (1 week) lessons never felt like a chore I enjoyed every one would highly recommend, Greg Roberts
John Keehner made learning to drive fun as well as learning quickly would highly recommend Thank you John
John Keehner is a fantastic driving instructor, I can't thank him enough. He is very understanding and calming. I would recommend John to anyone thank you. Kirsty Morris.
John Keehner is a fun, but also very good teacher. He makes the lessons enjoyable, but in way that you remember everything. John was a great teacher I will recommend him. I'm very happy that I passed and very happy with the Passfaster service Kristian Outram
Thanks John Keehner. I can't believe you got me to pass in just a few weeks. I had 2 other instructors before I seemed to get nowhere with them I didn't enjoy my lessons with them. I really enjoyed my driving lessons with you John. You made me feel calm, you made me believe in myself and in my ability as a driver. Thanks for your patients. First time pass it means so much THANK YOU!!! WOOO!!! Jessica Murray 

Thank you so much John (Keehner) for helpping me to pass first time. John made me feel confident from the start. Liam O'Hara 

Thank you John Keehner. For teaching how to pass my test. Great instructor, I would reccomend John to anyone wanting driving lessons Dean Gibney

Thanks to John Keehner for getting me up to passing standard in just 1 week. I passed fist time. I can completely 100% recommend the intensive courses from Passfaster. Anyone doing one should choose John Keehner as their instructor. I felt so safe, confident and comfortable in the car with John. Thank You.
Michael Kirkman O'Connell


I passed 1st time, thanks to John Keehner. He is an exellent teacher, I will definatetly recommend him to anyone looking to pass their test. The best intensive driving course around I did 20 hours and only got 5 minors. Thanks very much.
Daniel McKeown


Thanks for everything John (Keehner) you made me feel at ease and confident, can't recommend you highly enough. I can't believe I passed first time, couldn't have done it without you.
Jade Preston


I would like to thank John Keehner for helping me pass my test first time. John is great at explaining everything from the basic things to the more tricky things. John made me feel completely relaxed and confident before my test! I really enjoyed my time learning with john. I feel very confident driving on my own now that I have passed.
John Padfield


Thank you so much to John Keehner, for helping me to pass my driving test. I couldn't have done it without you John. I am so happy.
Jessica Smith

Thank you so much John Keehner, for all your help I could not have passed if it wasn't for you. You have made my year. Thank you Nicola Deighton
John Keehner made me feel comfortable on all of my lessons. John built up my confidence, and taught me everything I needed to pass first time. I'm so happy. Thank you to John and Passfaster
Passfaster was recommended to me, and after hearing about them, I thought they would be the way to go! John Keehner was very patient with me, even when I was making silly mistakes. It was a joy to be taught by him. I'd recommend john and Passfaster to anyone
Catherine Ashe
It's been a joy to be taught by John Keehner. I passed 1st time with only 3 minor faults, All due to john's good instruction from day one. I would recommend John to anyone looking to get their license. So glad to have passed it will be very beneficial in my career as an electrician.
Andrew Randfield 
My experience with passfaster has been a great one. After amassing 30+ hours and two failed tests. I decided to use Passfaster and their good name. I booked a 10 hour fast pass course with a test, I spaced them out over 5 weeks. This was a good choice and a great investment. Previously I had a problem with nerves. During every lesson with John Keehner, My nerves were settled within 10 minutes, I became calm and relaxed. I felt more relaxed and calm on my test as well I have and will always recommend Passfaster and John Keehner. Thank you very much
Dan Simons
I Booked a 20 Hour fast pass course. John Keehner was recommeded by two people that I know. I would 100% recommend John to anyone. Brilliant tuition throughout my 20 hours and I could not have asked for a nicer man. many thanks
Adam Roberts
I've had a brilliant time learning from John Keehner at Passfaster. From start to finish I felt secure and relaxed while I was driving. I passed first time with 0 driving faults, it's safe to say I would recommend John to anyone. Many Thanks
Tom Spencer
Thanks a lot to John Keehner the best instructor. I passed with 5 minor faults. Very happy at the moment. Thanks for all the lessons, Top Instructor.
David Porter
I have had several driving instructors in the past years, I can honestly say that John Keehner is the best of them all. He is very good at his job and will always boost your self-confidence. John is patient and kind, thank you John. Passfaster is the way forward for any learners that want to pass their test
Abi O'Hagen
I have enjoyed my time learning with Passfaster and John Keehner. Great teaching and easy to learn with. I will definitely recommend to other learner drivers. Thanks a lot, Alan Moreau.

Thank you John Keehner. I never in a million years thought that I'd pass my test certainly not 1st time. I can't believe I did it in such a short amount of time. John, the confidence and self belief you gave me will stay with me forever. Again thank you very much.
Thomas Taylor

Well done to Kelly Shipley for passing first timeThanks to John Keehner. I couldn't have passed without you, Thank you very much for all that you have taught me. I will definitely recommend you.
Kelly Shipley



Thank you John Keehner. I never in a million years thought that I'd pass my test certainly not 1st time. I can't believe I did it in such a short amount of time. John, the confidence and self belief you gave me will stay with me forever. Again thank you very much.
Thomas Taylor


Congratulations to Luke Cameron Passed 1st time after only 20 Hours. Luke says:
I really enjoyed my lessons with John Keehner He makes you feel very relaxed, and doesn't rush you into anything you don't want to do. I would recommend John to anyone. Thank you John.
Luke Cameron
Thank you John (Keehner) for all your help and good teaching, enabling me to pass first time with only 1 minor fault. I have really enjoyed my lessons and cannot thank you enough.
Charlotte Ackerman
Thank You to John Keehner for everything and for your patients with me. So so pleased this will improve my life so much. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
Julia Dempsey
Learning was fun and made easy from the start. John Keehner was friendly and a good instructor from the start so I made hardly any mistakes and didn't pick up any bad habits. Thanks to John I passed 1st time. I only had 25 hours I'd never driven before. So excellent teaching and patients definitely. Thank you so much.
Sam Bathgate

To John Keehner. The best driving instructor in the WORLD !! Thank You so much 4 helping Me pass (1st time!!) my test. I couldn't have done it without you . Thanks for believing in me too. You have helped me to get my confidence back. I'll never forget you.
Tracy O'neil

John Keehner was a great driving instructor and a genuinelly nice man. After just one hour John said that I only needed 2 Hours more on the test day. After the three hours I went in for my test and passed. I would recommend John to anyone I knew who was looking for a great instructor that won't rip them off or waste their time. Callan Moore


Congratulations to Natasha Jefferson for passing first time Fri 15th August.


I had my lessons with JohnKeehnerover the past 3 weeks. I must say John made me feel completely comfortable every lesson. he's very good and relaxed about what he does, and I definitely recommend him. Natasha Jefferson.
Thank You very much. I'd never driven before. Just 30 hours with JohnKeehnergave me all the skills needed to pass first time. I would definitely recommend Passfaster. Michelle Finnegan.
Thank You JohnKeehnerfor helping me pass my driving test. I have had other driving instructors, none of them made me feel as comfortable and confident in my driving ability as you. Also not only did you teach me how to complete the manoeuvres but also how to really understand how to correct them if I went wrong Thank you Melissa Desmond
Thank You (JohnKeehner) for helping me pass my test! It was an amazing experience, you are an excellent instructor
John (Keehner) Thank you for teaching me to drive, even though it took me three times lol! and thank you for lending me a cushion. I will be recommending you to my friends. Jas
John Keehner has been a very patient instructor, and made me feel very confident I will definitely be recommending him. Emma Spike
Thank You for eveything, John (Keehner) learning to drive with you was awonderful experience. I had really fun lessons, you are an amazing teacher! Thanks for helping me to pass first time  Good luck for the future. Laicey Roberts
Thank you JohnKeehnerfor helping me pass my test, your approach to teaching is spot on and made me feel comfortable all the way through. Anyone who has you as an instructor will be lucky. Good luck for the future and many thanks again mate! Andrew Cameron
I can't believe I passed I'm over the moon. JohnKeehnerwas BRILLIANT!!! He made me feel relaxed, calm, and trusted all in one. I thank him from the bottom of my heart. Zoe Reilly
Thank you JohnKeehnerfor sticking by me through silly mistakes. He's been a real help and always made me feel comfortable and confident during lessons I would recommend John to anyone. Barry Parr
So happy to have passed first time. Really big thanks to JohnKeehnerfor being a great instructor. he's really patient. Would recommend John to anyone thinking of learning to drive Steve Ogley



Not driven before, got me to a high standard in good time. Explained everything I wanted to know very clearly even though they were thing I should have known from my highway code. Thanks. Lola Ayangbayi




I am really made up I passed 1st time, only 1 driver fault, I could not have done it without John Keehner and Passfaster. Thanks for all your help, Dean Robson


Laura Greaves said; John was always on time and always made me feel comfortable and relaxed on our lessons. I didn't believe that I would be able to pass. John helped to make me believe in my ability as a driver and gave me the confidence I needed to go for my test and pass. I really felt that John cared whether I passed or not and that he was willing me on to Pass.



Diana said. I'm so glad I passed it was all down to John (Keehner) at Passfaster. This will change my life Thank you John And Thank you Passfaster.



Jenny said I'm so happy, thank you for all your help John, I'm so happy, I'm so happy



Samanther Said. John was very helpful, explained things very clearly and was always on time. John enabled me to pass my test 1st time and in a very short time. Thank you John



Congratulations  Catarina Cortereal  on passing your test 1st time on 7/11/12 with John Keehner



I am absolutely made up I passed my test yesterday I would recommend Passfaster to anyone wanting to pass their test in a short time. My instructor John Keehner allowed me to learn at my own pace. He said that I picked everything up very quickly and that he did not want to hold me back. I had never driven before, but I was driving within 5 minutes of sitting in the driving seat. I noticed another learner arrived at the same time as us. That instructor sat talking for over an hour before the learner was allowed to actually drive the car, I would have been really bored and so frustrated. I am so pleased that I had John I would never have passed so quickly with anyone else.



Congratulations Olivia Brady




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Recently just passed, my instructor was John Dunn. Couldn't ask for a better instructor. Always on time, made me feel confident about my driving, and prepared me properly for my test. Definetely recommended.