Pam Labio (Female)

Adi Number: 750599
Car: VW Beetle (Diesel)
Areas covered:  L3, l6, l9, l10, l11, l12, l13, l20, l21, l22, l23, l30, l31, L32, L33

 I passed 1st time with Pam Labio after 3 months of lessons. She was brilliant at working on all the areas I needed to improve to pass my test. Always tried to help me with in terms of moving times and days of lessons to fit around my other commitments. Also without the help she gave me with booking my test I'd never have passed when I did. I'd recommend Pam to anyone looking to drive!


pam labio driving instructor car

 lucie richards
Lucie passed her test first time yesterday with Pam Labio at Norris Green after having it cancelled twice during lockdown. She is looking forward to having extra time in bed now she doesn’t have to rush to get the bus to school 
Would not have been able to pass 1st time without Pam Labio - what an absolute star she is. So professional and patient, would recommend her to anybody looking to start up driving lessons!! Thank you so much 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Kerry Hanrahan


After a short intensive course of lessons, and lots of work on her confidence Leanne Cawley was a star and got 1 minor on her test today
leanne crawley


3rd time lucky today for Chris at Norris Green  great calm drive with a couple of minors  Smile says it all. Pam Labio
chris nugent


Sarah has just passed with 3 minors at Norris Green  well worth buying a new provisional as she went out and lost it last weekend!!!! Pam Labio


Jordan Masterson just sailed through his test at Norris green  can now start his new job  congratulations. Pam Labio


Congratulations Tom Bailey on passing your driving test with Pam Labio

tom bailey

Massive thanks to my driving instructor Pam! She has been amazing from start to finish and really gave me the understanding and confidence to be a good, safe driver. I passed first time and couldn't have done it without her. Jak Flannagan

I have just passed my test with Pam! I cannot thank her enough she has been absolutely amazing. I came to Pam from another driving school where I was constantly messed about, but Pam is the complete opposite. Straight away I felt so much better about driving, as Pam helped me understand exactly where I was going wrong and taught me to be a safe and confident driver. Thank you so much Pam I will miss our lessons xxx Alex Bellis



Instructor: Pam Labio

Pam has been absolutely amazing throughout all of my lessons. I started my lessons in february and she has been so accomodating, calm and reassuring.

I dont think i would of passed as quick with anyone else she made me feel very at ease and built my condidence up even when i thought i couldn't do it.

I would highly recommend Pam to anyone. Thank you!!


Quality instructor who is patient throughout the whole learning experience, always on time and reliable too! Thank you Pam Labio!!


Pam was amazing, really helped with my confidence in the car and taught me so much in a short space of time. Couldn’t of passed first time without her, highly recommend!!


Driving Instructor - Pam Labio

Pam was one amazing instructor, she was easy to get on with from day one and I couldn't of asked for anyone better. She helped build my confidence and believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. She is a fantastic woman who knows how to encourage and support you and makes you feel at ease when driving. I am so happy Pam was recommended to me and I would highly recommend her to anyone else as she knows exactly what she's doing and she's a great instructor. I'm so grateful for Pam and the time and effort she put into me passing my test. Thank you Pam.


Instructor: Pam Labio

I had Pam as my instructor and from the get go she has been amazing! I had a previous instructor before her who really knocked my confidence, but Pam helped me build it back up & I passed after only 5 months of being taught by her. I spent twice as long with my other instructor and he didn't even teach me how to bay park. I couldn't recommend Pam enough to anyone who wants to learn, she has helped me so much and she would do the same for anyone. Thanks P


Instructor - Pam

Passed first time

Had driving lessons a few years ago but never found a instructor I felt comfortable with

Booked a crash course with pass faster and got Pam as my instructor and I’m so happy I got her! She is amazing! Absolutely loved my lessons Pam made them so easy, fun and she gave me so much confidence. I couldn’t recommend Pam anymore she is abserloutly amazing!

I had a 20 hour crash course over 7 weeks and passed first time. Pam had every faith in me she is amazing and I’m going to miss her so much.

THANK YOU so much Pam you truly are amazing and a amazing driving instructor



Instructor: Pam

Pam made me feel at ease from my very first lesson. She helped me build up my confidence and helped me pass first time. If I ever said I couldn't do something she would go over it with me until I felt confident with it. She believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. I have now started my pass plus with pam and would highly recommend her. Thankyou Pam x


My Dad & stepmum booked me in with passfaster for my 18th birthday, and I got the instructor Pam, “LearnWithPam” and honestly I couldn’t be happier with with the outcome. Pam is and was an amazing instructor. The bond we created was remarkable, she is one amazing human and an incredible instructor. Every lesson was fun, and there isn’t anybody I would rather have taught me to drive. We went a strong 3 months, from not having a single piece of experience to passing my test. The support, the confidence, the encouragement and the empowerment Pam gave me was amazing. Pam became my therapist and I could tell her anything, she is such an accepting woman and I couldn’t be more thankful to you. Thank you Pam, I’m going to miss you �


Learnt with Pam and couldnt of asked for a nicer driving instructor she isn’t scared to tell you what your doing wrong and really does teach you how to drive safely and how to pass, passed first time and never had a problem thanks again Pam


Instructor: Pam Labio

Pam from my very first lesson with her was amazing. She is the second instructor that I had due to the first being unreliable always changing lessons, turning up late and charging me £28 an hour to drive me 40 minutes with me driving 20 minutes for 10 hours, but Pam was the complete opposite she’s organised, early and try’s her best to get you driving on your own as soon as possible. She was fantastic when it come to building my confidence and despite everything I put her through she did not give up on me. I could not have picked a better person to teach me how to drive because she was just brilliant in every way, she’s a lovely person who knows exactly what she is doing. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to learn how to drive as I could not say one fault about her.



Name:: Ryan Madden
Instructor name:: Pam Labio
Your testimonial:: Just passed my test with Pam today, absolutely all down to her! I've had a few instructors and Pam has been by far and large the best instructor I've had, I've since highly recommended her and will continue to do so. She was incredibly patient, a fantastic teacher and really made you feel unbelievably comfortable behind the wheel. Again, couldn't have done without Pam!


Instructor name:: Pam
Your testimonial:: Pam was very calm and patient when learning me how to drive. She got me through my test first time and I couldn't of asked for anything different. She is flawless at what she does and is a fantastic teacher????

Instructor name:: Pam Labio
Your testimonial:: Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor than Pam. From my first lesson she made me feel very at ease and helped me build up my confidence on the road. She is a great teacher, explains everything really well and is very patient. After allowing the test nerves to get the better of me, I lost a bit of my confidence however Pam was always there pushing me to finally pass my test. I’m going to miss my lessons with Pam, best driving instructor ever!
Carly Jamieson
Instructor name:: Pam
Your testimonial:: After having no confidence in driving or myself Pam helped me gain what I needed. She guided me and always listened to what I had to say. She helped when I had my wobbles and I couldn’t of asked for a better driving instructor, she was amazing even down to the minute before my test she was still giving me encouraging words. I don’t think I would of passed without her
Lee flood
Instructor name:: Pam
Your testimonial:: Started with Pam with no driving experience and within 4 weeks I past my test. Pam gave me the courage and confidence to believe in myself. She made me feel very comfortable in a situation that I was really nervous about. Would highly recommend and cant thank her enough for guidance and advice.
Instructor name:: Pam Labio
Your testimonial:: Thank you so much to Pam Iv just passed my test 2nd time round, I cant emphasise how much of a brilliant instructor she has been right from the minute I first ever got in her car she has supported and encouraged me!! Il miss my lessons (and our weekly catch ups haha) such a lovely peroson anyone would be privileged to have you as their instructor !!! Highly recommend x
Dawn Wild
Instructor name:: Pamela Labio
Your testimonial:: Pam is a brilliant Instructor. She is very patient and has a lovely personality which immediately makes you feel at ease. She explains things very carefully and will go over something again and again until you feel confident.
I would recommend her to anybody as their Instructor.

jane taylor
Instructor name:: Pam
Your testimonial:: Had lessons with Pam and passed test first time. Really lovely patient lady who picked up on my faults straightaway enabling me to correct them. Would highly recommend her.


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Recently just passed, my instructor was John Dunn. Couldn't ask for a better instructor. Always on time, made me feel confident about my driving, and prepared me properly for my test. Definetely recommended.