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Peter Anderson

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Car: Vauxhall Corsa petrol
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Name:: Caroline Roberts
Instructor name:: Peter Anderson
Your testimonial:: First time I met Peter he gave a warm welcome and when out on lessons with him he adapted to the way you preferred to learn.
Peter was really understanding, flexible, always on time and never let you down with planned lessons.
I would highly recommend Peter, he will make you pass your test with out a doubt and will support you in every way.
Thanks peter, will miss the banter.
Instructor name:: Peter Anderson
Your testimonial:: I'm 23, I did 30ish hours with Peter over the course of 8 weeks and passed first time. Peter is straight-talking and doesn't waste time, he is really friendly and easy to talk to. If you make mistakes, Peter is good at explaining where you have gone wrong and helps you to improve. He also praises you when you do something well. Also, I am dyslexic and Peter was really patient, understanding and was happy to help and accommodate this in any way he could.
Thanks so much Peter.
Name:: Sofia
Instructor name:: Peter Anderson
Your testimonial:: I am extremely grateful for the experience I have had learning to drive. Peter provided me with the confidence I was lacking on the road. He always made me aware of everything I had to keep working on and what I was doing well, showing me where I was up to every lesson. Even in difficult moments he was patient and comforting and pushed me to do better every day. Thank you for the great service provided at passfaster and thank you Peter for being a great driving instructor.

Peter, the absolute legend taught me how to be a boss driver and I passed in super quick time. Thank you!


I passed my test today. I had Pete as my instructor and i would HIGHLY recommend pass faster and Pete to anyone. They me feel like I was family helped me with more than just my test am so great full of this company and my instructor.... Thank you all and a big thank you to PETE for putting up with me!! I HAVE PASSED WHOOOOOOO!! Cxx


I passed my driving test last Thursday and I am absolutely ecstatic!! I could not have done it without Peter (Peter Anderson


From the very first lesson he understood me, how I worked, what caused me stress and my lack of confidence I had in myself. Every lesson he worked on different things with me or if something specific was bothering me, he made sure we went over it until I felt 100% and got it right.


Peter is very reliable, patient, understanding and honest when I needed the truth. I could not praise him enough. Peter is exceptionally professional but also has a great sense of humour and able to take a joke… good job as I accidently insulted his ‘old’ age a couple of times! Ha!


I feel lucky to have had Peter as my instructor, cannot praise him enough and I will be forever thankful. I highly recommend passfaster and Peter to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive!!


Name:: Megan Hope
Instructor name:: Peter
Your testimonial:: Peter is a great instructor to learn with, he is rally patient and understanding of your little quirks. He allows you to develop at your own pace and encourages you to keep trying. I would recommend Peter to any of my family and friends, he genuinely cares about his students and you feel comfortable with him straight away. He is also very flexible and he was always able to fit me in, even with me working full time. I can't thank him enough for all the help and support he has given me and I wouldn't have passed my test without him!!


Name:: Elizabeth
Instructor name:: Peter Anderson
Your testimonial:: Peter was recommended to me by my friend who was also learning with him - don't think I could have asked for a better instructor! Peter helped build up my confidence each lesson especially when I thought I couldn't do something. Every lesson was a laugh! Thanks for everything Peter!


Name:: Terri-leanne Dyce
Instructor name:: Peter
Your testimonial:: I passed my driving test today, I am absolutely thrilled. I could not have done it without my instructor being so patient and so understanding. He calmed me down, when I needed calming, He built up my confidence when it was low and he was honest when I needed the truth. I could not praise him enough. Was a pleasure to meet and get to know Peter. I will be forever thankful. Highly recommend passfaster to anyone who is considering learning to drive.


Name:: Jade Wood
Your testimonial:: I passed my test first time with Peter, hes a comforting, excellent driving instructor and i highly recommend. I had lessons with another instructor previous to peter and couldnt get the hang of driving, then meeting peter he taught me everything i know about driving and made me a confident driver! Thank you peter


Instructor name:: Peter Anderson
Your testimonial:: My cousin passed his test with Peter and recommended him to me. I hadn’t been in a car for 10 months since failing a test in November 2015, so Peter took me on an assessment lesson and advised me to book 10 hours to get me to full test standard. I thought this wouldn’t be enough, but I booked the 10 hours as advised. I provided Peter with the dates and times of my availability, which he adhered to as best as he could in order to give me a solid driving schedule leading up to the test date. Peter was extremely patient throughout my endless questions (there were a lot!) and errors (even more than the questions!), and he told me exactly what I needed to hear in order to calm my nerves. Peter helped me to believe in my own ability and I managed to pass first time with him in October 2016, so I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Peter, he is a great instructor and a really nice guy. Thanks Peter.


Name:: Helen Morrisson
Instructor name:: Peter
Your testimonial:: I had two driving instructors prior to pass faster over a period of 10 years. This year, I've had 40 hours worth of driving with Peter (- clearly not a natural ) and, finally, I passed! Peter is the best driving instructor I've had. He was very experienced in dealing with the pitfalls and traps of being a learner and gave excellent advice. It feels as though he cares very much about you, as a student, and is very accommodating in trying to fit you in (time wise) and about addressing your needs. He's also a good psychologist (which is very much needed if you're prone to getting overwhelmed and turning into a rabbit in headlights). The only down side is that he doesn't drink or eat sugar so you have to be creative in buying him a present when you pass!


Name:: Lynda Murray
Instructor name:: Peter
Your testimonial:: I learned how to drive when I was 18 but I lacked confidence and could not pass my driving test. 18 years later having a car became a necessity for my family, so after many hours of research on the internet I discovered that Passfaster was the best deal and they were so friendly and helpful. I met Peter on our first driving lesson in August, he immediately put me at ease and slowly built up my confidence. We have since shared many laughs and I have shed a few tears but ultimately Peter gave me the confidence and taught me all of the skills to sit my driving test, but more than that he gave me the tools to hopefully be a good driver for life. I cannot recommend Passfaster or Peter higher, I had a really positive driving tuition experience and I passed the test first time!!!! excellent school and wonderful instructor, thank you.


Name:: Annie
Instructor name:: Pete
Your testimonial:: I would definitely recommend Pete as an instructor, with all his help I Passed first time today, he improved my confidence and had a lot of patience, great guy! .... Thanks Pete!! see you on the road


Name:: Reid Buckley
Instructor name:: Peter
Your testimonial:: I have passed my test thanks to peter he makes everything so easy and puts you at ease. He made me realise I am a good driver and gave me so much confidence in myself. By far the best driving Instructer I have came across, Couldn't have asked for better. Thanks Peter.