Tahira Jabeen (Female)

Adi Number: 769651
Car: Toyota Yaris (Petrol)
Areas covered: L1, L2, L3, L6, L7, L8, L14, L15, L16, L17, L18, L19

My instructor was Tahira Jabeen. When I first started my lessons I was very nervous but Tahira really boosted my confidence and was very patient. She always encouraged and motivated me. I feel lucky that she was my instructor. She believed in me all the time, she would always push me to try my best. I always looked forward to our lessons and now I’m going to miss our lessons. I couldn’t have passed first time without her and can’t thank Tahira enough for everything. I would 100% recommend her to anyone. Thanks Shalini
Wouldn't of been able to pass without the help of my incredibly patient instructor Tahira Jabeen. An amazing teacher I would recommend to any and everyone! Thank you for all the help! :) Gale Underhill

 gale underhill


Melanie Wose passed her test today in speke first attempt only 4 driver fault. Tahira Jabeen
melanie wose



Dan Goodison passed in speke test centre, first attempt 3 faults only with Tahira Jabeen

 dan goodison



Another pass for Tahira Jabeen. Daniel Latham passed in Speke test centre

daniel latham1


Congratulations Ryan Leitao on passing your test with Tahira Jabeen.

ryan leitao


Passed! Grateful to have my instructor Tahira, she was supportive from start to finish and gave me all the knowledge and confidence I needed to succeed, Thank you for everything! Ryan L


 Hiba Nakshbandi passed today in Speke with Tahira Jabeen

Hiba Nakshbandi 
Thank you to Tahira for believing in me and helping me on the journey to passing my test. She is patient, knowledgeable and caring, and I feel lucky that Tahira was my instructor. I have had a few instructors in the past who were not half as committed and reliable as Tahira, and I couldn't have passed without her. I would recommend her to anyone who wants an instructor who knows what they are talking about, who is passionate about teaching people to be safe on the road, and who can tailor lessons to suit your needs. Thank you again! Rebecca x



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Recently just passed, my instructor was John Dunn. Couldn't ask for a better instructor. Always on time, made me feel confident about my driving, and prepared me properly for my test. Definetely recommended.